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Below are patterns that are currently for sale. All patterns will only be available for a limited time. I only use Paypal, so your purchases are safe and secure. I also only ship to the continental United States. Please allow up to two weeks for your flies to arrive. These are not tied until you order them. I'll be more than happy to do custom orders if you want different colors, etc, or if you would like some other patterns listed on the blog. All prices include shipping to the continental US. If for some reason you have any problems with your order, please contact me right away and I will do my best to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

 Racing Stripe Foam - Terrestrial Colors 

Awesome for hoppers, and all other terrestrials. A variety of colors are available. $4.25 gets you approximately 2 feet of material, enough for up to dozens of flies. (bugs shown not included)


Size 8 Foam Terrestrial Chernobyl / Hopper Bodies
Cut from racing stripe foam, these things look great on big chunky terrestrial flies. Don't forget rubber legs...lots of them. $3.50 per five.

_____________________________________________________Racing Stripe Foam Beetle Strips
This is the perfect foam for tying beetles. It's highly visible on the top, and the peacock herl hides the color on the bottom. It floats great and looks awesome. You get four 6 inch strips (2 feet) of foam, enough to tie dozens of flies. Free sticker with purchase! $4.25 each.

Dub The Thorax Stickers
These are full color, printed on high quality UV coated glossy stock. Perfect for your car, fly box, etc. 2x3 inches. Two for $4, and chip in the extra buck for three of them. 100% of proceeds from these sticker sales go directly to my childrens' college fund. C'mon, you know you want to send my kids to Harvard.

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___________________________________________________________________________________Psycho Prince Nymph
Just in time for Steelhead season, these are proven killers. Tied on premium Mustad hooks, and featuring Hends Synthetic Dubbing, these will knock the chrome dead in the Great Lakes tribs. Other custom colors and sizes are available, just contact me with what you want and I'll send you an invoice. $12 shipped per half dozen (6).

Double Psycho Prince Nymph

Two sets of wings, and tied on an emerger hook. Other custom colors and sizes are available, just contact me with what you want and I'll send you an invoice. $12 shipped per half dozen (6).
Swimming Worm
These are similar to a Vladi, but with a more natural approach. Tied on Orvis swimming nymph hooks, with floss, hot spots, and body glass. There are only four sets of these available at $8 per half dozen, shipping included. - SOLD OUT


  1. I like your "The Psycho Prince" pattern. Are those for sale?

    1. Absolutely. Email me I can do them in whatever colors you want.