Friday, December 31, 2010

Last fish of the year

I fished from 3-4:15pm today and it was slow. We've all been there. No action for a long time and just zoning out while doing robotic repetitive casts. I love being surprised by a strike out of nowhere. This little stockie bow went after a cream colored egg. At least I didn't end the year with a skunk.

About to crack a bottle of bubbly, find an OnDemand movie with the wife, and try to make it until midnight. Happy new year and please be safe. Watch out for the drunks and if you're one of them, don't drive.

P.S. To all the PA residents, don't forget to get a new license! I'm about to get mine online. That way you can save the PDF and print a new one whenever you need to!

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Egg patterns...over easy

I mentioned an egg post coming on soon and well, here it is. In celebration of eggs, I'd like to point out that this post is being fueled by Pennsylvania Dutch Egg Nog. It's full of rum, brandy, and whiskey, and I'm super glad I bought it today. (The half empty bottle proves that) It's safe to say that I'm definitely enjoying vacation.

So, back to eggs. I read a cool post on Bigerrfish the other day about his sweet looking egg patterns and his thoughts on using eggs. I personally admit to using them on a very regular basis. Many might consider them "junk flies" and that it isn't matching the hatch, but if fish are feeding on salmon or sucker eggs, I think you are representing their natural food selection for that time. What cracks me up about some of the people that frown upon them is that they'll say they would never use an egg or a worm, but they'll easily tie on a prince nymph, which looks absolutely like nothing in a stream. (and don't say a stonefly, because stonefly nymphs don't have two different colored sets of biots and a red collar!)

I'll fish eggs as an attractor pattern about a foot above a nymph or a midge. Most times the fish will take the lower fly, but I do catch a fair share of them on eggs as well. I like to sight fish bright colored eggs because they can also double as a strike indicator in shallower water.

As far as my egg preference, I've tried it all; Glue eggs, glowbug yarn, otter eggs (those pre-molded rubber ones), etc. Glue eggs take forever, glowbug yarn never sat right on the hook for me and it ruins your scissors with a quickness, and the otter eggs always seem to never hold to the hook for me, even though I've tried crazy glue, zap-a-gap, head cement, and hard as nails on them.

I've came to the conclusion that McFly Foam is the way to go. I can tie a fairly perfect egg with this stuff in under a minute. When I first started fishing eggs, they were the ones I bought in fly shops before I started tying and ranged in sizes from 8 to 12. Once I began tying, I thought smaller might work so I worked my way down to 14 and 16, with limited success.

Then this past February, at the Somerset show, I was speaking with a guy who is an Orvis endorsed guide in PA about some of the streams in the Lehigh Valley, and somehow the subject came up about eggs. I told him I was not having much luck and when we started talking about sizes he said "If you're going to fish an egg in the streams around here, go smaller, between 18-22". Well, he was right. I played with varying the sizes and I found that 22s defeated the purpose because they were so small that they were not working as well and an attractor, and that 20s sank slow and required more weight to bounce. I found the sweet spot at size 18. Once I started getting better at tying eggs, I was able to tweak the actual size of an egg on an 18. Here's two eggs side by side, both on an 18 hook. You can see the difference in the actual size of the egg.

Just like anything else, I'll start out with the bulkier egg and work my way down to the smaller ones if they are picky, but I can still get a good hook set on an 18 without having to go down a size and risk losing a strike.

Here's a pic of all I tied last night. Now I have to find room for them in the permanent box (also knocked out some more redneck pheasant tails)

Before I go off to sleepy land from all this egg nog, I'd like to say that if you're in the Philadelphia area and you have young children, go to the Please Touch Museum in Fairmount Park. Michael had a blast today!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

One month down...

Well, today marks one month since I've started this blog, and I must say that I'm surprised with how much of a following it's developed already. Thanks to all of you who've stopped by.

By the numbers..
  • 1231 - Number of page views I've had in the past month. I have it set to not track my own page views, but I'm not sure if it works or not. At least 100 of those had to be me, but I'm still surprised we broke 1K.

  • 10- Number of fishing trips I've made since launching this blog. That's a trip every 3 days. No wonder my wife wants to kill me.

  • 70- Percent of the trips I've been on where I caught fish and avoided the skunk. I'm guess I'm doing pretty damn good.

  • 3 - Amount of times I've fished the East Branch Perk and been skunked in the past month. I need to start avoiding that place.

  • 90 - The highest amount of referrals to the site, which came from Eastern PA Fishing Reports, following in a close 2nd by Troutrageous.

  • 2 - Number of times we were mentioned on Troutrageous's Wednesday Nibbles. I appreciate the traffic.

  • 14 - Number of countries that have viewed the site. This includes the US, South Korea, Canada, Croatia, Japan, Netherlands, Serbia, Belgium (p.s. I love your beers), Russia, South Africa, Brazil, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, and Turkey. I guess the French hate me, which is cool.

  • 10 - Number of google follower's I've acquired.

  • 11 - percentage of page views from a Linux operating system? That surprised me.

  • 5 - percentage of traffic that viewed the site from an I-phone. Interesting.

  • 22 - minutes I've spent compiling the data for this post so far.

Well, that's enough boring numbers. My fly box is pretty depleted and I have some tying to do. I ordered some things from Angler's Pro Shop and I stopped by to pick them up today. Expect a post on eggs soon.

Coming to you live from the stream

Currently on the EB Perk. Missed a bow on a pink egg but besides that, it is skunkville. I had to hike about half a mile to find open water! It's still a beautiful day on the stream though.

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I'm sick, so I went fishing

I woke up today with a really bad cold. I came downstairs and my wonderful wife had pancakes and fresh fruit all ready to eat. Besides feeling like death, that's not a bad way to start the day.

I had cabin fever so even though I felt sick, I still bundled up and headed to the stream for a quick solo trip. I fished the Heritage section of the Little Lehigh. It was very windy, very cold, and the water was gin clear and still really low. For the first hour, I could only muster a few follows but no strikes, so I was changing flies about every 20 casts or so and sight casting to a few fish holding position in some calmer water to see if they'd show interest. I finally had a hit on the redneck pheasant tail and was soon in to a fight with a really nice brown, probably 15-16 inches. Unfortunately, he ran me around a fallen log and broke me off. The worst part was, he spooked the hole where another 4 fish were lying.

Frustrated, I moved upstream about a hundred yards, tied on a sucker spawn followed by the same pheasant tail pattern and started to hit some deep runs. I finally started to have some luck. I pulled a brown and a bow on the pheasant tail, and I also hit another brown on a clown egg.

One thing I noticed is that the 8 degree change in temperature made the fish more active. Even though these fish were on the smaller end, they definitely had my 4 weight Sage reel singing when they hit the faster water, and fought much harder than the fish I got in to on Sunday.

All in all, not a bad 2 hour trip. I had to work hard for the fish I got, but it wasn't a skunk. Sorry for the poor pics, I only had the I-phone with me.

One more thing..
Speaking of pancakes, can anyone explain this video to me?

Monday, December 27, 2010

You know you fish too much when..(a.k.a Christmas recap)

You know you fish too much when you're watching Elf and look at Buddy's shirt collar and think that it would make some nice parachute posts.

Well, Christmas came and went yet again. Only this time, I had a little guy who actually knew what was going on. Your whole view on Christmas changes once you have a child who understands it. He was up at 6:30 am ready to see what "Tan-ta" (we're working on the S's) put under the tree. I think he managed to get more presents this year than I got from when I was 2 through about 8. Keep in mind he's only 20 months old.

He walked off with about a dozen Thomas the Tank Engine characters, a ton of tracks and playsets, a train table, a Thomas Power Wheels car, a Moon Bounce, Little People stuff, a golf club set, stuffed animals, bath toys, a fishing set, DVDs, books, money, clothes, dinosaurs, race cars, a giant tool center, a McDonalds playset, a keyboard, mp3 player, an aquarium, a playskool grill, beanie babies, christmas ornaments, savings bonds, stickers, an easel, etc

I could keep going for a while. By the way, yes, I said a Moon Bounce. What kind of parent would set up a Moon Bounce in the kitchen because there was no more room anywhere else in the house to use it? This guy. That's who.

I also didn't do to bad with the presents. My wife hooked me up with some sweet New Balance Hikers in a 15 wide. They are super comfortable. She also got me a magnetic net release because my old one broke, and a copy of "An entirely synthetic fish" by Anders Halverson. I also received a Dr. Slick scissors gift set with 3 pairs in it, some Anvil midge scissors (which I love!), a few fly fishing books, and $100 towards a new vise. I think I'm going to pick up the Anvil Apex this week.

But the best present of all this year was definitely the Troy-Bilt 2100 snow blower from our in-laws! It came just a the right time! I was so excited to try it out and it worked like a charm this morning after our 10 inches of snow. I hate the white stuff, but it was fun taking Michael out last night to go sledding.

At this point you're probably wondering why you're reading a fishing blog post that has nothing to do with fishing. So, I guess I'll get in to that now. We did a family outing at the Little Lehigh yesterday morning with my stepdad, bro-in-law, and myself. We fished from about 6:45am-12:30pm. The bite was very slow. I hooked in to a small brown on a midge but he popped off as I went to grab him out of the water. I landed a small bow on a zebra midge. I caught a nicer bow on a chartreuse size 16 egg who again popped off the second I tried to unhook him. The other two got the skunk. It was a very uneventful day and it was too darn cold to bother pulling out the camera for pictures. Boring, I know.

And in the world of tying, I was cleaning up my stuff the other day and I came across some olive goose biots. Now, I've never bought olive biots, and I have no clue where the hell they came from, but I figured I'd make use of them. I tried some BWO parachute emergers tonight. I suck at parachute flies, I know. But they will probably work. Here's a size 20.

I have 3.5 free hours tomorrow from 9:30am-1pm. Is it worth driving 45 minutes each way to hit a trout stream that just got a foot of snow last night to fish for about 2 hours in 25 degree weather?

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hare hair galore

Life is good. I'm officially on vacation until 1/3. I'm looking forward to family time, and time on the water. I'm sitting here downing bottles of the Torpedo Extra IPA by Sierra Nevada. I'm not usually a big SN fan, but this is a pretty darn good beer. It's got a nice bitter bite, and at over 7%, you can't go wrong. Although I'm surprised it's ranked so high on Ratebeer.

I finally got a chance tonight to dig through some of the loot I bought for next to nothing at the LL Fly Shop over the weekend. I was rummaging through cigar boxes full of tying material that they were letting go for $1 each. I opened a box that was FULL of rabbit pelts. I got 4 whole pelts for $1. I couldn't believe it. I have enough to tie at least 5000 Hares ear nymphs.

I hate the hares mask you buy in the tackle shops. It's always flattened, and full of brittle hair that's never long enough. I never felt like I could get my nymphs to look "buggy" enough with it. I took some longer hairs off the ribs of the pelt tonight and started experimenting. These things look super buggy and I'm almost positive I'll be successful with them under the right conditions.

3XL curved nymph hook size 18
Body dubbed with some dubbing I made from the pelt using underfur and snipped longer hairs
UTC extra small gold wire for the ribbing
black goose quill for the wingcase
Thorax dubbed with longer hairs
tungsten bead head

Before I go drink more and tying even sloppier flies, I want to give a shoutout to Fin Follower for showing us love on their site, and to the new google followers. We're up to 7! Thanks for reading.

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to get hare crazy.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Master Chief catches mad brown trout

So, one thing I haven't mentioned yet is that I'm a total nerd and I've been fairly obsessed with playing Halo on XBOX Live for the past 5 years or so. I've been through Halo 2, Halo 3, ODST, and now Halo Reach.

One thing I hate about XBOX Live is the huge amount of annoying, racist 12 year olds with potty mouths. To avoid them, I joined 2OLD2PLAY. It's a community for older gamers (25+) who all log on together to avoid the the little bastards (or in geek speak, the Timmies)

I felt that it was time for a new signature on the web forum. I felt like it was time to combine my two favorite hobbies so with the help of google image search and Photoshop CS2, I came up with this.

Yeah, I know. I suck. If you play XBL, especially Halo or COD, feel free to add me. My gamertag is PHAZESMASHER.

Now if only Microsoft, Sony, or Nintendo would make a fly fishing game. I think it would be great with Kinect.

See you in the pregame lobby....

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Odds and ends to wrap up the week

This week went fast. I can't believe it's Sunday night. I have a project I've been managing at work about to come to a close, and as of Thursday, I'll be on vacation until 1/4/2011. I'm pretty psyched and I know that I'll be fishing every day crossing all the things off my wife's to-do list around the house. This includes fun activities such as painting and lots of cleaning. At least it's the holiday season. We took my son to breakfast with Santa today and unlike the post I saw on Troutrageous, my son actually loves Santa. Here's the offical Santa pic with him. He's had about 4 more since this one, but this is my favorite.

In other news, I tried to fish today. I think tried is the right word here. Although, I didn't suck at fly fishing like I did yesterday. I unfortunately don't have the luxury to have a spring creek with a consistent temperature near me so when I have limited time to fish, I hit the east branch of the Perk. I was able to get out for an hour today, but since it's been freezing cold every day, it's starting to ice up. Both sides of the water had about 5-10 feet of ice protruding out from them which meant you had a 10 foot channel in the middle to cast through.

*&#$ing ice

This did not make the fishing fun at all. I did see a small rainbow hugging a slate rock, but he wasn't having what I threw at him and when my streamer hooked in to a chunk of floating ice, I think he had enough of me and took off to hang out with the one or two other stockies still left in the water. Ok, so I didnt get snagged in a tree, but maybe I do still suck at fishing.

Later today, I watched the fly fishing film called "Once in a Blue Moon" and I highly suggest it. This guy heard stories about a giant mouse hatch (yes, I said a mouse hatch) in New Zealand and decides to check it out. I won't give away much more, but you should definitely check it out. I enjoying it enough to get me to sit at the vise and trying to spin some deer hair for my first mouse fly. If I wasnt so lazy, I'd post pics of it. Maybe tomorrow. Here's the trailer for it.

Well that's about all I have. In closing, I'd like to give a shoutout to Mike's Gone Fishing for some added traffic. Tight lines sir! The site has also been add to the Outdoor Blogger Network. It's a great site and I suggest checking it out. It has links to tons of great blogs.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Today, I sucked at fly fishing

There are days when I feel like I absolutely suck at fly fishing. Today was one of them. I hit the Little Lehigh sometime around 1pm and it was extremely cold and a lot more windy than I had expected it to be. I despise fishing with half gloves but they were on most of the day today, even though my hands are still cracked to the point where they are bleeding now. It also didnt help that my guides had to be cleared of ice every 5 minutes.

I started working my way downstream throwing scuds, pheasant tails, and eggs. In the first 20 minutes I was there, I lost 5 flies. I was roll casting and getting caught on branches, getting caught by the wind on my back cast, and trying to free a snag which would send my tandem fly rig rocketing into the trees. I went on to lose a total of 8 flies today. I even had a few wind knots that forced me to re-rig. These are mistakes that I am quite familiar with because they happened to me constantly for the first year of my fly fishing. I've since then had to deal with them less, but they came back with a vengeance today. I just wasn't on point.

To make matters even worse, the fish had lockjaw. I couldn't even get a fish to follow anything I was throwing at them. They weren't spooking easily, but they weren't taking anything. Even size 24 midges could not draw a strike.

I was about to pack it in, and then I saw it. One tiny BWO, about a 24, buzzed quickly in front of me. I only saw one and I didn't see a single rise, but I quickly hoofed it back to my favorite hole when olives hatch and tied on a size 20, which was the smallest one I had.

After ten minutes and not a single rise or bug siting, I decided to pack it in. As I'm reeling in my final cast, I finally see a rise. I immediately cast to it and connect with a 10 inch brook trout. I get him to shore and start fumbling for my camera. Before I could get out the camera or touch the fish, he popped himself off and swam away. Some people consider that a landed fish or a long release, but I still felt skunked.

About to snap my rod in half, I start walking back to the car. I look down and see a fairly deep pool at the tail of some riffles that I've never fished before and something told me to make a few more casts just in case there was a fish there. So, I tied on the Slumpbuster I mentioned in my previous post and it broke my slump on the first cast. I finally connected and landed a 12 inch wild brown trout. He wasn't huge, and he didn't really put a big fight but damn, it felt good to finally land a fish, plus he had beautiful coloring.

I released him after admiring him for a few seconds. I headed back to the car still pissed off, but relieved that the Slumpbuster saved the day.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Hungover Slumpbustin'

I had my work holiday party last night followed by 12% beers at Iron Abbey. Needless to say, it was a rough day at work. Thank god for cheesteaks and Gatorade.

I started feeling better on my way home and stopped by the Orvis store in Plymouth Meeting. I picked up some hooks and some natural zonker strips. They make for a beautiful Slumpbuster.

I'll be on the water freezing my butt off fishing at 6:30am on the Perkiomen Creek. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Who needs a wingcase?

Tonight = filling in the box with some basic patterns and downing a few bottles of Spaten Optimator

Redneck Pheasant tail

Orvis 3xl nymph hook size 20
tungsten bead
pheasant tail fibers
UTC copper wire xs
12/0 brown uni thread
danville 70 denier bright red (hot spot)

I'd also like to give a shoutout to Minion Fly Fishing and Fishing With Dad for linking to us and pushing through some extra traffic. Gracias!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Is that a midge in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?

It's freaking cold outside. It didn't even hit 30 degrees today. When I can't fish, I tie. I'm currently sitting in my basement in front of the vise whipping out some quick flies in case I get some spare time to hit the water this weekend.

I hit up Michael's Arts and Crafts and bought a bead container. It has made my life so much easier while tying. I'm no longer looking for a little packet of beads buried in 20 other packets.

Since the beads were easily accesible, I knocked out a dozen or so Zebra Midge patterns. After Saturday, I'm now a big fan of hot spots.

Also knocked out some more olives in size 20. I'm experimenting with bigger wings which will hopefully give a little more time on the top of the water before it dips into the film. I'm really trying to get around spending money on tiny dun hackle. I'll let you know how it goes.

Time flies when you're tying and bumping early 90s house music.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some sunday morning comedy

This was posted on the PA Fly Fish homepage and I thought it was hysterical. Enjoy your day.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Dry flies in PA in mid-December?! Oh yes. It happens.

I was psyched to hit the water this morning after a long week at work. I had a bunch of new patterns, I cleaned out my fly boxes, had a fresh leader, and brand new spools of tippet.

I tied up some BWOs just in case the rare hatch happened this time of year. I got to the Little Lehigh just before 11am. I started off by hiking half a mile downstream and didn't see one rise. A few small trout were feeding on midges, but that's it. Fishing was tough for the first 45 minutes. I took a break and hit the Fly Shop for some more tungsten beads and then got back on the water.

After that, it turned out to be a damn good day. I still didnt see any rises, so I started to fish midges. Turned out to be a good idea and I found myself in a nice 5 minute fight with this 18-19 inch rainbow in some fast water.

But what's that bright colored thing in his mouth you ask?

That would be a hot spot Zebra midge. (I apologize in advance for the quality of the fly in this picture. This is the exact one that caught the fish and it is mangled.

Orvis size 20 emerger hook
Uni-thread black 6/0
UTC Ultra Wire XS in silver
Glass bead from Michael's arts and crafts store
Hot Spot - Danville 70 denier 6/0 in hot orange
Coat the whole thing in Sally Hansen Hard as Nails

With no more luck on midges, I turned to a two fly rig with an egg up front and an orange flashback pheasant tail behind it. I literally watched this small brown move about 6 feet across the stream, scoop up the pheasant tail, and then he grabbed the egg before I even had time to set the hook. Even though he was hooked twice, he was released unharmed.

Here's the fly. Again, I apologize for the condition of it. This is the same fly that caught the fish.

Orvis 3x nymph hook size 20
Pheasant tail dyed orange
Krystal Flash
UTC Ultra Wire XS in gold
peacock herl

You are probably asking yourself, "I thought he said they were dry flies?" Relax, I'm getting there. After I released the brown, I saw one rise. Two minutes later..another. I then saw a baetis land on my hand. I immediately tied on some 8x tippet and threw on a size 20 BWO. I made a cast and was connected almost instantly to a brown that had to have been 20 inches plus. He broke me off in about 30 seconds by jumping. Damn 8X. Rerigged and connected a few casts later to a small brown who was landed with a quickness. Then after losing two more and missing a few strikes, I landed a 12 inch bow. I love fishing dry flies, and I usually miss it all winter, so I love when I come across a cold weather olive hatch.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I would post the BWO pattern I use so here it is. This is the easiest fly to tie and it can be done in like a minute. Thanks to Rod at LL Fly Shop for offering to show me this one.

You'll need
Size 18-22 dry fly hook 2XL
Olive thread - I use Sheer 14/0 but you can use whatever you want
Dun microfibbets (synthetic mayfly tails)-If you cant find dun, the black works just fine. I've used it.
CDC Puffs - dark dun

Build up a thread body about halfway back the hook. Tie in 4 microfibbets for the tail. Length should be 3/4 of the hook length. Work your way forward and build a tapered thread body until you hit 2 eyes lengths away from the top of the hook. Tie in a cdc puff with the feather shaft facing the eye of the hook using only 2 loose wraps. Pull the CDC towards the eye until you get the wing length you want and tie off. Wrap around the CDC to get it to stand up. Whip finish.

I've caught at least 50 fish on this fly this year. It's so easy to tie. It will sink after about 5 casts since there's no hackle but a few false casts dries it off instantly.

I also hate to admit it, but I caught a sucker using the new worm pattern I mentioned earlier this week.

My bro-in-law and I got drunk one night and made a fishing show video of us targeting dogfish at the NJ shore with bunker. Maybe I'll be an asshole some day and make a fishing show on sucker hunting. I know exactly what to call it.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Fish Porn - now on DVD

I just finished watching the 2nd edition of Trout Bum Diaries for at least the 4th time and I have to say, it gets me psyched to go fishing every time I watch it.

If you haven't see these films, you should hunt them down. It's a group of guys who call themselves the Angler Exploration Group that pretty much get paid to go on an extended vacation and do nothing but camp out and fly fish. The films aren't really educational, but the scenery is beautiful, the soundtrack is amazing, and they catch some absolutely MONSTER trout.

Volume 1 takes place in South America and follows the crew as they travel down to Patagonia and land some sea-run brown trout (Think of a steelhead, only chrome with brown spots). Volume 2 is called Kiwi Camo, and the fish are even bigger. Watching one guy spot and another guy casting a 15 foot leader with a giant rubber legged dry fly is intense.

I would highly suggest hunting these down. Their website is no longer functioning and forwards you to the Fly Fishing Film Tour website, but hopefully they will make more videos in the future. This is fish porn at it's finest. Here's the trailers for you to check out.

Trout Bum Diaries Volume 1 - Patagonia

Trout Bum Diaries Volume 2 - Kiwi Camo

And while I'm on the topic of porn, this fly fishing website from Ohio has a feature called fly box porn that's worth checking out. It's pictures of fully loaded flyboxes and some pattern recipes.

One more day until the weekend, and a chance to try some new patterns.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If fly tying is cool, consider me Miles Davis

You'll only get the joke in this post title if you've seen Billy Madison. If you haven't, it had to do with an old lady, and peeing your pants. I'll leave it up to you to track it down.

I had a bad day at work and I'm not feeling so hot. I figured a couple hours at the fly bench would do me some good. It did.

I read a great website recently talking about micro-nymphing techniques and patterns. I had honestly never heard of it before reading it. Then I was reading the Jersey Angler blog and he had some beautiful nymphs posted with recipes. It interested me enough to try out a few of my own. Who knows if they will work, but I'll try them this weekend. All size 18 mustad scud hooks with tungsten beads. Almost all have wood duck for the tail. Then I changed it up. I used everything from flashabou to krystal flash to orange pheasant tail to peacock and ostrich herl. A few of them turned out pretty cool looking.

I then decided to knock out a few wooly buggers. I tied up some more of the peacock chenille ones I mentioned in an earlier post, but I hackled them this time. I also tied up some size 12 conehead brown buggers with lots of flash. They should do the job.

Now I have to do two things.
#1 Make room for this stuff in one of my boxes.

#2 Clean the hell up and go to bed. Urgh.

Could someone buy me this shirt in a 2XL? Thanks

Eat the worm(s)

I know a lot of fly fishing purists despise them, but I find myself a frequent user of what many people refer to as "junk flies." This includes eggs, worms, and about 10 million steelhead flies. It's basically anything that doesn't "hatch".

When nothing else is working, I can usually get a hookup on a San Juan worm. I often use eggs as an attracter pattern above a nymph. The way I see it, fly fishing is having fun. If you need to have an exact imitation of a size 24 midge larve to do that, more power to you. I just like to get on the water and catch fish.

While bargain shopping the closing sale at the Little Lehigh Fly Shop, I came across a ton of chenille for like $.70 a package. My SJ worm collection was getting low, so I stocked up. I was reading Mid Current the other day, and saw a pattern for a looped San Juan worm. I never thought about trying it before, but damn, it looks sweet and I think it will work. Here's a size 12 in pink. I also knocked out some in red, brown, and orange.

If the rain starts Saturday evening, Sunday should be a good day to test them out.

In other worm-related news, there is one pattern that from what I've read is mostly only used in PA, more specifically on the Little Lehigh. That pattern is the honeybug inchworm. I've read quite a few forum posts with people asking about them, where to find the material, and how to tie them. The material is called cotton chenille, and apparently hard to come by in fly shops. The original pattern is tied in a lime green, but I found some of it at the LL fly shop in white, so off I went to tie some. It's such an easy fly to tie. It only takes about 45 seconds from start to finish. I knocked out some white ones, and I used my Prismacolors (BTW if you tie flies, you NEED these things. They are great for coloring patterns and have extremely vibrant color)to make a few look like mutant caddis larva.

And before I go off to get to the worm at this bottle of Tequila, I want to give a shout out to Troutrageous for showing us some love on his blog.

Most of you probably got here from his link, but if not, definitely check it out. I've been a fan for half a year now.

Enjoy your Cuervo.

Partridge and Orange

I was reading about some Old English traditional flies and this one caught my eye. I bought some partridge a few weeks back because it was half off and I hadn't touched it so I gave it a go. I tied one on a dry fly hook, and one on an emerger hook.

This is the first time I've ever tied a soft hackle wet fly. I don't think they turned out too bad. The traditional does not call for the gold ribbing, but I thought it was a nice touch.

I wonder what this guy would have to say about breaking the tradition..

Monday, December 6, 2010

Merry Fishmas

This is my favorite ornament.

I'm actually testing out the Blogpress iPhone app right now. We will see if it works.

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