Tuesday, December 7, 2010

If fly tying is cool, consider me Miles Davis

You'll only get the joke in this post title if you've seen Billy Madison. If you haven't, it had to do with an old lady, and peeing your pants. I'll leave it up to you to track it down.

I had a bad day at work and I'm not feeling so hot. I figured a couple hours at the fly bench would do me some good. It did.

I read a great website recently talking about micro-nymphing techniques and patterns. I had honestly never heard of it before reading it. Then I was reading the Jersey Angler blog and he had some beautiful nymphs posted with recipes. It interested me enough to try out a few of my own. Who knows if they will work, but I'll try them this weekend. All size 18 mustad scud hooks with tungsten beads. Almost all have wood duck for the tail. Then I changed it up. I used everything from flashabou to krystal flash to orange pheasant tail to peacock and ostrich herl. A few of them turned out pretty cool looking.

I then decided to knock out a few wooly buggers. I tied up some more of the peacock chenille ones I mentioned in an earlier post, but I hackled them this time. I also tied up some size 12 conehead brown buggers with lots of flash. They should do the job.

Now I have to do two things.
#1 Make room for this stuff in one of my boxes.

#2 Clean the hell up and go to bed. Urgh.

Could someone buy me this shirt in a 2XL? Thanks

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