Thursday, December 23, 2010

Hare hair galore

Life is good. I'm officially on vacation until 1/3. I'm looking forward to family time, and time on the water. I'm sitting here downing bottles of the Torpedo Extra IPA by Sierra Nevada. I'm not usually a big SN fan, but this is a pretty darn good beer. It's got a nice bitter bite, and at over 7%, you can't go wrong. Although I'm surprised it's ranked so high on Ratebeer.

I finally got a chance tonight to dig through some of the loot I bought for next to nothing at the LL Fly Shop over the weekend. I was rummaging through cigar boxes full of tying material that they were letting go for $1 each. I opened a box that was FULL of rabbit pelts. I got 4 whole pelts for $1. I couldn't believe it. I have enough to tie at least 5000 Hares ear nymphs.

I hate the hares mask you buy in the tackle shops. It's always flattened, and full of brittle hair that's never long enough. I never felt like I could get my nymphs to look "buggy" enough with it. I took some longer hairs off the ribs of the pelt tonight and started experimenting. These things look super buggy and I'm almost positive I'll be successful with them under the right conditions.

3XL curved nymph hook size 18
Body dubbed with some dubbing I made from the pelt using underfur and snipped longer hairs
UTC extra small gold wire for the ribbing
black goose quill for the wingcase
Thorax dubbed with longer hairs
tungsten bead head

Before I go drink more and tying even sloppier flies, I want to give a shoutout to Fin Follower for showing us love on their site, and to the new google followers. We're up to 7! Thanks for reading.

Now, if you'll excuse me, it's time to get hare crazy.


  1. Nice nymphs! Those are definitely buggy enough to get the job done. Enjoy the time off from work. I've got a few days myself, just gotta figure out when and where to get a line wet.

    Also, congrats on the new followers. I recognize those faces...all good folks. What did the man in the cornfield say? If you build it, he will come?

  2. thanks. I'm thinking about hitting Cabelas early on the 26th (like leaving at 7am) and then hitting the Little Lehigh or Saucon. Let me know if you're up that way and feel like checking out a few of my favorite spots.