Saturday, September 29, 2012

The leaves are turning, and the trout are looking up

It was a perfect day for fishing. It was too cool for shorts, just right for jeans; too chilly for a t-shirt, but just right for a light windbreaker.

I packed light, only carrying two fly boxes instead of my typical five (yes, I have issues), a couple spools of 6x and 7x tippet, and some floatant, dry fly powder, and some shot in my windbreaker pocket.

The air was about 60, the clouds seemed like they didn't want to let the sun peak through, the leaves were turning yellow, and I just knew there would be mayfly action.

Although I'm not a hunter and I pretty much despise being anywhere near a firearm, I always love when deer season starts in PA because the trout streams are empty. I pretty much had the place to myself, besides one other angler, who made the trip from up near NYC just to fish the Little Lehigh. We had some good conversations about various fishing locations while picking off fish.

Oh yes, they were looking up. Olives and Midges were coming off all afternoon, and oddly enough, Sulphurs starting making an appearance around 3:30pm. I've never seen them that late in the year. I wasn't complaining. I lost track at 5 fish, the biggest a fat healthy rainbow around 17 inches. I caught them in various spots, up and down the stream.

After a few hours, I headed home for some family time. One of the funniest things I've seen in weeks was watching the two little guys go crazy in the bathtub tonight. They are getting so big. Ethan is only 9 months and he's just about walking and constantly saying Dada already.

 I'm taking Michael fishing tomorrow with his uncle and cousins and I asked him "Do you want to use your Spongebob rod with worms and a bobber? I know you love playing with worms."

 His response?

 "No daddy, I want to fly fish like you." He's only three, and wise beyond his years.

(p.s.) Check the fly shop link up top. Some new patterns rolling through pretty soon...)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ok, so who ties a good index finger pattern,

Via today:

"A fisherman found a human finger in the belly of a trout caught in a remote northern Idaho lake. And detectives located the owner, who delivered a surprising message.

Despite their hard detective work, Haans Galassi said he did not want to be reunited with his severed digit.
"At first the sheriff asked me if I wanted it back, and I was thinking 'um, no!" Galassi, 31, said.
The reunion may bring back too much pain for Galassi , who is getting over the accident two months ago on an Idaho lake.
Galassi was wakeboarding on Priest Lake in July while holding on to a rope attached to a speed boat. Then things went terribly wrong.
He noticed too much slack in the rope, tried to correct it and the rope wrapped around his left hand, he said.
"It pulled me over in the water and dragged me for a few feet before it broke me free," Galassi said. "I didn't feel pain at first, just numbness and I pulled my hand out of water and it was bad news. I look and see I'm missing all four fingers at that point."
Galassi was rushed to the hospital and has been trying to get by without his missing fingers. He learned that he can still grip and grab items such as a steering wheel with his affected hand.
And then he got the strange phone call Tuesday from Detective Gary Johnston of the Bonner County Sheriff's Department .
A fisherman found the finger on September 11, quickly put it in a freezer and called the sheriff's department, Johnston said. CNN was unable to reach the fisherman.
"The lake is cold and deep so it was in remarkably good shape," Johnston said. "We'd fingerprinted it and sent it to the state lab to match what's on file and lo and behold they came back and said that's Haans' little finger."
Since Galassi said he did not want it, the sheriff's department will leave the finger in an evidence freezer in case he changes his mind, Johnston said.
And Galassi may be changing his mind.
"Now I'm thinking what if I can get it put back on," he said. "I've called my doctor to see if they can put it back on and I'm waiting for him to call me back."

Just goes to show you, trout will eat anything.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sunday, September 23, 2012

The fly shop is open for business!

I've had a fly shop tab at the top with really no content for some time. Well, I've finally gotten around to starting it off. I'm going to keep it fresh, and only have unique patterns for sale for a limited time. I've got some new worm patterns available now to start off, and I've already sold a few. Click on the fly shop tab up top and get em' while you can! Everything is safe and secure through Paypal.

P.S. If you wanna win this streamer, head on over to our facebook page. I'll be selecting someone based off the best comment later this evening.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Heading out west, where hoppers rule and rattlesnakes scare the sh*t out of you

I was invited to be in my friend's wedding so last week, I traveled solo to Sacramento California, fly rods in tow (or... at least in baggage claim).

 I arrived Thursday just in time for the rehearsal dinner, and had the wedding on Friday. The wedding was very close to Napa Valley and as you can imagine, the wine was incredible, as was my hangover on two hours of sleep on Saturday morning.

 My flight was leaving at 6am on Sunday so I fought through the jet lag and alcohol poisoning, and headed almost two hours northeast to fish the Yuba River. I was pretty amazed when I got there. The river bed itself was probably half a mile wide, but the actual water was only about 40-50 yards wide at the most. As I walked over the ankle breaking dried river rock, I heard someone playing the maracas. Turns it that sound was a rattlesnake. And then another one. Much different than the scariest thing you'd encounter when fishing around here, which would probably be a wasp.

 It was cool to do some traditional western hopper dropper fishing. What was really amazing to me was the fact that I'm in desert high country, with sweltering heating approaching 100 degrees, but I'm seeing Salmon jumping and starting their reds. It was an amazing site. I didn't last long. It was too hot and I was too hungover, but I did put in a good 2-3 hours. I hit a few spots, but the fear of snakes and my chosen attire of shorts, ankle socks, and sneakers didn't make a hike through the high brush sound too safe. I fished hoppers, and various droppers. I lost a nice fat slab on a hopper juan, and another on a psycho prince. The fish fight much harder out west than they do out here, that's for damn sure.

 I walked away empty handed, but I didn't mind. It was a great experience and I'd love to go back and spend more time there when I'm not dry heaving and dehydrated. Here's some pics of the journey. I only had my iPhone with me so they aren't that great, but it will give you an idea.

There were lots of huge stonefly shucks on the dried rocks. I can imagine that certain times of the year would be great fishing with them.

Downstream from the Route 20 bridge

These small lizards were all over in the rocks.

A couple shots from Sycamore Ranch. I saw quite a few salmon trekking up this way.

The sun rising over the Sierras the next morning from the airport at 6pm. You win this time Yuba, but I'll be back.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Well...I'm off

Heading to Sacramento for a wedding in a few hours. Good news is that I have a rental car, all day Saturday to fish, and I'm bring my 6 weight and my switch rod.

I'm going to start off trying to get a steelhead on the swing in the American River, and then I'm going to head north to the Yuba to search for some trout. I can't freaking wait to hit the water, especially after seeing this pic of the Yuba.

I'm sure I'll get a blog post or two up when I'm out there. Wish me luck. I think I'm gonna need it.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Broadcasting LIVE RIGHT NOW!

9-11pm EST on

If you like drum and bass, you'll dig it. If not, you'll probably hate it. :)

Either way, it's good music to tie flies to!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Quite a Sunday, and a big THANK YOU!

I'm sitting here, introducing my three year old to Harry Potter, and banging away at the laptop. I posted earlier asking for donations towards the Diabetes walk that I'm doing next month and I'm very surprised and extremely thankful for all the generosity already!

Thanks to Mike S., Frank A., and my good buddy Howard for their donations. Please let me know what bugs you want off the site, and email me your mailing address. I'll get to them at some point soon.

I also received a hefty donation from Dave over at Strip'n Flywear. Thanks Dave! I took some time to check out the website today and they have some great t-shirts available. I think I definitely need the "James Brown Trout"!

There's still plenty of time to donate, and my offer still stands on the free flies. Make sure you check out the Strip'n Flywear site by clicking on the banner over there --->

In other news, I did get some fishing time in today. It's definitely the 7th inning stretch of summer. Wet wading in sandals didn't cool me off, it made me chilly. The fish were starting to get sluggish. The wildflowers were starting to wilt.

I was mowing the lawn this afternoon and help this guy with his narrow escape from the Troy-Bilt blades.

I took it as a sign to tie on a Hopper Juan and hit the local creek.

After two long releases with some fiesty smallmouth, I finally found a big pod of gills that wanted to play. I pulled in about half a dozen of these guys before my feet were freezing. Yeah the fish weren't huge, but any action is good action as far as I'm concerned.

Time to hit the vise to twist up a few for my upcoming trip to Sacramento this week. I'm going to try to hit the American River. If you have any advice, I'd love to hear it!

I could use your help. Support a good cause, and get some free flies.

So here's the deal....I'm doing the Walk for Diabetes Awareness next month in Philadelphia and I'm running a little short on donations. I'm going to throw this out there to my readers.

If you donate $10, and I'll hand tie and mail you two of any (single-hooked) fly I've posted on this site in the last two years.

For a donation of $20, I'll send you two flies, in addition to any articulated streamer I've posted on here. I'll also include a small banner ad in the top right corner of my page if you've got a company or blog you want advertised.

It's a win/win. Support a good cause, get some free flies.

Here is the link to donate:
Click Here

Please feel free to share/tweet/pin reblog this and spread the word. I have a long way to go to reach my goal and I do love tying flies for people.

Thanks in advance for any donations you can provide. They would be greatly appreciated.

Monday, September 3, 2012

It happens every year

It's 10:30pm on the island, just as high tide is starting to recede. Parties are raging around me as I stand under a dim street light, stringing up my six weight while listening to bait balls getting sawed up by small bluefish right around the fishing pier.

Drunks are starting to wander as I start casting the small epoxy streamer. Enter token drunk casino employee.

"You won't catch shit with a fly rod. I live down here and you tourists don't know what you're doing."

"I'll bet you that un-opened can of beer in your hand I'll catch one in five casts".

He starts off with maniacal laughter and says "you've got a deal, asshole!"

It only took two casts.

It was a Yuengling lager and wasn't very cold, but it kept me company while I caught half a dozen more. My friend didn't stick around after losing his beer.

Happy Memorial Day.