Monday, September 3, 2012

It happens every year

It's 10:30pm on the island, just as high tide is starting to recede. Parties are raging around me as I stand under a dim street light, stringing up my six weight while listening to bait balls getting sawed up by small bluefish right around the fishing pier.

Drunks are starting to wander as I start casting the small epoxy streamer. Enter token drunk casino employee.

"You won't catch shit with a fly rod. I live down here and you tourists don't know what you're doing."

"I'll bet you that un-opened can of beer in your hand I'll catch one in five casts".

He starts off with maniacal laughter and says "you've got a deal, asshole!"

It only took two casts.

It was a Yuengling lager and wasn't very cold, but it kept me company while I caught half a dozen more. My friend didn't stick around after losing his beer.

Happy Memorial Day.


  1. Sweet. Glad you're making the most of the Shore, you're braver than I to be down there this weekend. Oh, and nice new(?) header on the blog.

  2. Header has been there for well over a month, just haven't had any traffic :)

  3. Fly fishing for beers?! Man you gotta show me that pattern!

    I was lucky yesterday whole day on Unami and East branch not a single jagoff in sight (:

  4. Best post of the day! I'll bet that beer tasted sweet!