Saturday, September 29, 2012

The leaves are turning, and the trout are looking up

It was a perfect day for fishing. It was too cool for shorts, just right for jeans; too chilly for a t-shirt, but just right for a light windbreaker.

I packed light, only carrying two fly boxes instead of my typical five (yes, I have issues), a couple spools of 6x and 7x tippet, and some floatant, dry fly powder, and some shot in my windbreaker pocket.

The air was about 60, the clouds seemed like they didn't want to let the sun peak through, the leaves were turning yellow, and I just knew there would be mayfly action.

Although I'm not a hunter and I pretty much despise being anywhere near a firearm, I always love when deer season starts in PA because the trout streams are empty. I pretty much had the place to myself, besides one other angler, who made the trip from up near NYC just to fish the Little Lehigh. We had some good conversations about various fishing locations while picking off fish.

Oh yes, they were looking up. Olives and Midges were coming off all afternoon, and oddly enough, Sulphurs starting making an appearance around 3:30pm. I've never seen them that late in the year. I wasn't complaining. I lost track at 5 fish, the biggest a fat healthy rainbow around 17 inches. I caught them in various spots, up and down the stream.

After a few hours, I headed home for some family time. One of the funniest things I've seen in weeks was watching the two little guys go crazy in the bathtub tonight. They are getting so big. Ethan is only 9 months and he's just about walking and constantly saying Dada already.

 I'm taking Michael fishing tomorrow with his uncle and cousins and I asked him "Do you want to use your Spongebob rod with worms and a bobber? I know you love playing with worms."

 His response?

 "No daddy, I want to fly fish like you." He's only three, and wise beyond his years.

(p.s.) Check the fly shop link up top. Some new patterns rolling through pretty soon...)


  1. Great stuff and some beautiful pics. Nice job

  2. you gotta love a kid that knows what he wants...