Sunday, September 9, 2012

Quite a Sunday, and a big THANK YOU!

I'm sitting here, introducing my three year old to Harry Potter, and banging away at the laptop. I posted earlier asking for donations towards the Diabetes walk that I'm doing next month and I'm very surprised and extremely thankful for all the generosity already!

Thanks to Mike S., Frank A., and my good buddy Howard for their donations. Please let me know what bugs you want off the site, and email me your mailing address. I'll get to them at some point soon.

I also received a hefty donation from Dave over at Strip'n Flywear. Thanks Dave! I took some time to check out the website today and they have some great t-shirts available. I think I definitely need the "James Brown Trout"!

There's still plenty of time to donate, and my offer still stands on the free flies. Make sure you check out the Strip'n Flywear site by clicking on the banner over there --->

In other news, I did get some fishing time in today. It's definitely the 7th inning stretch of summer. Wet wading in sandals didn't cool me off, it made me chilly. The fish were starting to get sluggish. The wildflowers were starting to wilt.

I was mowing the lawn this afternoon and help this guy with his narrow escape from the Troy-Bilt blades.

I took it as a sign to tie on a Hopper Juan and hit the local creek.

After two long releases with some fiesty smallmouth, I finally found a big pod of gills that wanted to play. I pulled in about half a dozen of these guys before my feet were freezing. Yeah the fish weren't huge, but any action is good action as far as I'm concerned.

Time to hit the vise to twist up a few for my upcoming trip to Sacramento this week. I'm going to try to hit the American River. If you have any advice, I'd love to hear it!


  1. No flies necessary, Mike. Just rock the walk!

  2. Ahh, you're that Mike! Thanks again. It's only a 5K so I think I'm gonna run the whole thing :)

  3. HA! Not quite sure how to take "you're that Mike!" I've heard just those words used in so many ways. :-)

    Run the whole thing and I'll double my donation.