Sunday, October 7, 2012

New school, old school, and.....Ben Vereen?

I had posted here before that I was doing the Step Out Walk for Diabetes and thanks again to all of you that donated. Well, the event was Saturday, and I was up bright and early in the steps of the Art Museum.

 Oddly enough, the guest speaker was Ben Vereen. I don't think I've even heard of the guy's name since the 80s. I think I'm the first person to mention this guy on a fly fishing blog and if you can prove me wrong, I'll tie you some monster streamers.

After sticking around for two hours waiting for the walk to begin, I was ready to get out of there so I wound up running it. Turns out it was only around 2.5 miles and I knocked it out in under 25 minutes. After that, it was 10:30 and I felt a I deserved a beer so it was off to the nearest watering hole, which to my surprise, was already full of alcoholics slamming beers. They did have Racer 5 so I wasn't complaining.

I then hit up the Orvis shop in Plymouth Meeting. They were having "Orvis Day" and the food spread was awesome, as were the deals. I wound up picking up a digital camo slingbag with a $25 discount. I like it for the most part so far, but I'll do a full review later. I'm not so sure on digital camo. It feels very new school, and I'm not sure how it helps on the stream unless you're being hunted by the Terminator or something.

After getting a hipster sling pack, I felt the need to get a little old school. I stopped at The Classic Fly Fisherman, feeling the need to pick up a new reel to match the 70s fiberglass Fenwick I got for my birthday. Bob helped me pick out a nice Marryat from the 70s that fits perfect with it. The drag on this this is so sweet. I even got some line and backing for it. The whole setup casts pretty sweet, but I gotta get used to using a slow rod. I cast way too fast and with way too much force. Time to slow my roll.

The rest of the day evened out with rooftop tacos and an IPA at Whole Foods, watching some idiots battle with foam weapons at a flea market, and my son putting together some weird twisted toy orgy in the bathtub.

Once the kids were down, I tied a few bugs and went night fishing. I got the skunk, but I came up with a pretty dope new streamer pattern. I love these eyes. Need more ASAP.

No fish, so taking a stupid picture of my feet and some fly line was the best I could do.

 Today was family time, with a small window of opportunity to hit the stream. I only caught one fish, but he was smart as hell and it took 30 or so casts to get him. Took a size 20 CDC BWO Comparadun.

Now it's time for Dexter and Homeland. Enjoy the remaining hours of the weekend.

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