Sunday, April 21, 2013

Getting craptastic

Michael has been asking me to take him fishing since the opening day fiasco. I think he was mad that he dove into the water and forced us to leave we didn't catch anything and wanted revenge. I told him I would take him out yesterday. The only problem was that we got about 1.5 inches of rain in like an hour the night before, and everything was high and dirty.

I opted for a trip to the local lake in search of bass, pickerel, or maybe crappie. He wanted to use his Star Wars rod, so I figured bait would be the easiest thing for him, while I grabbed my 6 weight and a sink tip for streamers.

We stopped and picked up some fathead minnows, got to the lake and set up shop. By the time I got his line in the water, he was already splashing in the puddles, soaked up to his thighs. At least it was a little warmer...

I didn't even have time to strip out some line before I saw his bobber shoot underwater. He ran over, grabbed it, and reeled in his first crappie. He was scared of it for some reason and refused to touch it.

I started fly fishing and then he told me he'd rather use my rod and proceeded to dump out all the minnows into the water. Good boy! While reeling in his Star Wars rod, we picked up another small crappie.

I handed him the rod and helped him with a few roll casts. He managed to get one out just far enough and BAM, a nice crappie smashes my EP fiber streamer. This time, he wasn't so afraid of it.

He then started to lose interest and went back to the puddles. He was starting to get wet and I knew it wouldn't last too much longer. Luckily, daddy was able to get on the boards with a quick crappie as well.

It was an awesome day. There's nothing I like more than seeing my kid reel in some nice fish. I might have to get him a fly rod for Christmas.

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