Sunday, November 17, 2013

65 degrees in November? Time to fish.

Raking leaves, School bus traffic, Daylight Savings Time, Blustery cold weather; shit I hate about late fall. After a cold spell earlier this week, today turned out to be absolutely awesome. Sunny, mid 60s, and that meant fishing in only a long sleeve T shirt. Bob is finally back on his feet after ankle surgery, so we hit a local limestone. 

With the warm spell, I knew there would be rises, but I also knew my fly boxes were quickly being emptied. We found rising fish almost immediately, and of course there were also half a dozen assholes wading right in the middle of the stream. I had a few hit n' misses, but none of the flies I had seemed to do the trick. Bob picked up a few including this nice Rainbow.

I became frustrated after working an hour only to miss 3 fish. We walked downstream only to find more anglers, and decided to hit the Heritage Fly Shop because I needed a new leader. I never typically buy flies unless I have to but while there, I decided to pick up a single BWO parachute tied by my old tying teacher, George Maciag, just because George is awesome and because I was out of olives.

We got a tip of a pretty good spot a few miles upstream. Bob knew that run so we jumped in our cars and headed up. I was disappointed in the frog water where we started off, but a little walk downstream and we found some more risers. After almost a day of fishing, I finally get my first and only fish of the day, on George's olive.

After heading home and doing the family thing, I decided to drink a lot of beers and go night fishing for carp, which results in this. (don't ask)

Also, before I go, make sure you check out Bob's Blog. 
He's got some nice fish, and he's quickly turning into one hell of a rod builder.


  1. Ha, I too had to go fishing and fully take advantage of the warm weather. We hit the lower 70's. Looks like you guys had a good time.

  2. Good stuff. I'd be those warm days are getting few and far between. I won't tell you what the temperatures are down here. I always enjoyed that rare 50 degree December day to get some trout on. Nice to see a Silent Bob sighting as well!

    1. Stony Creek being stocked on Friday or what? Also, why is your blog not named Snookerdoodle yet?