Saturday, March 15, 2014

Not a bad Saturday

I had two options today. Drive over an hour south and fish a clear stream for rising fish and deal with a ton of people or drive half an hour and fish a stream that might be running a little high but would still have a lot of people. I opted for the latter, and once again I found myself at the Little Lehigh in ripping water conditions.

I sat up Friday night whipping up some Hi-Vis BWO Parachutes that I unfortunately didn't get to use.

I opted for a bugger and picked up a small brown. Then nothing. For a long time. It sucked. Frustration sank in. Then another fisherman told me to try a caddis larva.


We finally found a winner. Picked up a few ugly stocked rainbows before heading off for a quick bite to eat.

I was informed that the PAFLYFISH Newbie Jam was starting at 2pm on the stream so I wound up heading back to the stream and chatting with some familiar faces. Picked up another fish on a tungsten nymph and watched my good buddy Becker slay fish with his fancy snagging competition nymphing tactics. It was great to see him getting his son on some fish.

After that, it was home to install chair rail. Managed to land 4 fish, have a few beers, and get the whole foyer and hallway done by dark. WIN.


  1. I think you walked by me while I was sitting in my car contemplating if I really wanted to go fishing, or spend the day with my daughter. I was parked in front of the fly shop.....When I realized it was Dub himself I went to find you but it was to muddy and my feet got soaked......glad you caught a few!