Sunday, August 7, 2011

No fish, but lots of pictures

I decided yesterday that I was going to try to hit the trico fall on Sunday morning. The problem was, it was starting to rain yesterday afternoon while I was at my nephew's birthday party about 2 miles from the Little Lehigh (Happy Birthday Rowan!). I had invited Mike from Troutrageous along but then told him that it might be a wash out and probably wouldn't be good fishing. He decided to pass, which was the right move. I was going to go anyway, figuring worst case scenario, I nymph and streamer fish and work hard for one or two trout. I sat up last night tying tricos, caddis, and beetles until about 1am because the stream levels still appeared to not be too bad. I was up at 5am, and when I got to the stream around 6:30, I couldn't believe how bad it was. It was 100% blown out, and getting worse by the minute.

I drove all the way up there so I decided to fish anyway. I only saw one rise all morning, and the only hit I had was a small brown that took a streamer and then spit the hook on me 30 seconds later. There was a massive swarm of tricos falling and if the water was clearer, I'm certain that I would have one of the best days of dry fly fishing in my entire life. I just held the tip of my rod out over the water for 30 seconds and when I pulled it back in, it was covered with about 15 tricos that were about to perish.

There so many that they even showed up when I took some video footage. Here's it is, in all it's low def glory.

Oh well. I didn't catch anything, but I decided to just take a ton of pictures to make up for the lack of fish.


  1. Well I always say if you don't catch fish, at least entertain folks with good photos. Nice job.

  2. great pics even if there are no fish in them!

  3. At least you tried. I didn't even bother to fish on Sunday.