Sunday, October 2, 2011

A change of pace

We have a spot at the big local lake that full of giant channel catfish, some over 3 feet long. The only way to catch these things (at least that we've found) is to go out there on a cold Autumn night with heavy spinning rods, steel leaders, big circle hooks, and a gob of chicken liver the size of a golf ball. They fight like hell and are a blast to try and land, because they are constantly trying to tangle you up in structure (that's where the steel leader comes into play).

We headed out on Thursday around 8pm hoping for some constant action. It was actually very slow, and we spent the time BSing and polishing off a few six packs. The only hit of the night came when this 2 footer grabbed my line and started running like hell. He put up a good, albeit short, fight.

Also, I finally set up a Facebook page, so feel free to stop by and like us.


  1. Meow! I love fishin for cats - it's one of the few fish I enjoy bait fishing for anymore, and catfish are on my list of creatures to catch fairly on a fly. I'm not sure how I'm going to accomplish that task yet, but it's there.

    Hard to think of a tastier white fleshed fish than catfish. Good job man.

  2. You're the reason why I couldn't find any livers in either Perkasie or Dublin on Friday night! Who knew they would sell out so easily? I haven't been able to pull anything larger than a 13" catfish out of that lake. I'm still trying to find a spot that doesn't hold kittenfish.

  3. Giant at 663 and 309 in Qtown. Not going to blow up my spot on here, but email me and I'll share my knowledge.