Saturday, October 29, 2011

Cabin fever

7 inches and counting. I just wanna fish. This sucks. At least I had fun with the fam. We headed out early before the weather got bad and took Michael to see Puss in Boots at the movies. He passed out 25 minutes in to it, leaving my wife and I to sit through 1.5 hours of a crappy animated movie.

We also got outside and made a giant snowman. I'm currently keeping my fingers crossed that we don't lose power.


  1. Dude I'm with you.
    I just wanna fish!!!! I'm sick of shoveling snow. LOL

  2. Mike I'm with you also. We've had one snow and I'm ready for spring.

  3. I love to fly in the snow, but unfortunately couldn't get out yesterday.

    Measurable snow before Halloween. Unheard of!

  4. Let's just hope this isn't a harbinger of things to come , hell from what I hear you guys still got snow from last year that hasn't melted yet!!

  5. I feel your pain...time to grab a beer and start tying some flies.