Tuesday, November 8, 2011

I've got some catching up to do...

Time has been flying by, and I just realized it's been well over a week since my last blog update. In all honesty, I've been busy as hell at work, painting the nursery for the upcoming addition, and doing a lot of commercial tying for a few people.

I'd love to post up some pictures of the bugs, but unfortunately I lost my camera. Yes, that camera. I really liked it so I do hope it shows up somewhere. I don't think I've ever tied up so many rubber legged copper johns in my whole life!

The camera also has pics of some fish I got in to on Sunday. After the bad storm last week, I haven't been able to get out fishing. I finally decided to take 4 hours on Sunday and hit the Little Lehigh. I was pretty disappointed when I got there. First off, it was packed with people. Also, since they lifted the no wading restrictions you now see yokels standing in the middle of the stream, walking through the best runs to fish, and kicking up the spawning beds for the brown trout. It's really depressing to see. After watching some guy fishing for two big spawning browns without luck and deciding to just walk out to where they are and cast over them, I said "hey man, you're kicking up some spawning beds. Can't you see that?" He replied with "Who cares? These fish can't reproduce here!". I've caught 3 inch fish from this stream so I know that's not true. I decided to be the better person by picking up a big rock, chucking it into the lane he was fishing, waving at him and walking away. Sorry dude. Show some respect.

This stream isn't that wide and I can literally roll cast across the whole thing in the widest stretch with a 7'6 four weight rod. Why are you wearing chest waders?! Anyway, everyone I talked to seemed to be complaining about a tough bite, most managing only one or two fish. I felt that way for the first half hour, but about 6 fly changes later, I found the golden ticket. Red size 18 zebra midges with a white glass bead head. I went on to land 4 nice fish and fight about half a dozen more. The fish weren't huge, but definitely had some deep, dark fall coloring. I think the run off from all the snow caused some colder water temps which darkened them up. If I ever do find my camera, I'll post the pictures.

In other news, there's a couple of events I'm pretty excited about. First off is the upcoming Fly Tying Symposium in Somerset NJ.

The lineup looks great for this and it should be a good day. I'm definitely bringing some cash to stock up on tying supplies. If anyone else is heading there, feel free to drop me a line and let me know if you'd like to meet up and grab a beer.

Also, on 12/17 the guys over at PA Fly Fish are hosting a fly tying jam. Looks like I'm going to be tying there, and actually doing a demo. I'm looking forward to it. It's also close to the Pohopoco, so I can hopefully sneak in some good fishing before and after it!

In closing, I'd just like to say that Daylight Savings Time officially sucks. It really smacked me in the face tonight when I left work at 5:30pm and it was pitch black when I walked out the door. I think the worst part of it is those little quick fishing trips you can sneak in on the way home from work while stuck in traffic can no longer happen. Spring can't get here fast enough already!


  1. Good on you for chucking that rock. I might have done worse. ;)

  2. I have mixed feelings about wading in the LL but that guy was just a D-bag. Good for you!!!