Wednesday, November 30, 2011

DIY fly box for mailing flies, and holy cow, we turned one!

I didn't even realize it until this morning, but a year has passed since I started this blog. Hard to believe. I'm quite surprised at how many of you actually stop by to read and comment on my half-assed flies and sub-par fishing experiences. I started this thing to pretty much chronicle my fishing and tying, and it still surprises me every week that there are more followers, and I see my name pop up on more and more blog rolls. Thanks to everyone for following, stopping by to read, and adding a link on your site. Special shoutout to Mike @ Troutrageous. He was the first blogger to comment, and link to me and the traffic started flowing in as soon as that happened. I'm really surprised I made it this far. It seems like there are more and more new blogs out there every day and I'm honored that all of you stop by to browse and comment. Thanks again.

Speaking of Troutrageous, I got the mail last night and there was an envelope with a return address that simply said "T!". I opened it up and now I have some new stickers for my car and tying bench. Thanks man.

I also got something else interesting sent to me today from one of our readers via text message. He wrote a rap about my "Damn Lucky" post. (seriously, I can't make this shit up.) I'll keep his name out of this save him the embarrassment, but here's the message, exactly as I received it.

It was a cool black night and a clean white moon
Dub the T was on the stream, tryin' to pursue
Some trout for his blog or maybe a big carp
tying on his fly...headlamp in the dark

Just hit the east branch up in Perkasie
and his mission is the find that one big trophy
Seen a pool full of trout aint no need to tweak
all ya dudes know whats up with Dub the T.

So he hooks some fish on streamers and midges...
He casting on the banks and underneath the bridges
He lays down the line and say what's up
Then Lucky jumps in and now he's stuck.

I got this message while at work and I laughed so hard that I literally spit coffee on my desk. He said to sing it to the beat from Regulators by Warren G.

Anyway, here's something actually fishing related. I've been joining a few fly swaps, and mailing out some flies I sold and I came up with a good idea.

Remember all those cassettes from the 90s? You know you still have that Nirvana Cas-single, and House of Pain's first album on cassette. Now you can put them to good use.

1.Get yourself a empty cassette case. I would take out the Debbie Gibson sleeve, unless you're mailing the flies to Owl Jones. He loves Debbie Gibson.

2.Grab a pair of pliers and rip out the little plastic points that were used to go into the cassette holes. This is so they don't press down on the flies that will be on the other side of the cassette.

3.Measure and cut a piece of craft foam (yes the stuff you use for tying, and the same stuff you get at Michaels for .99 a sheet) so it fits where the sleeve used to be. Just coat the back of it with some superglue, and press it into the inside of the case.

4.Fill it up with the flies you were supposed to mail Cofisher for winning that contest two weeks ago. (Co- as an added bonus, I included one of the woven stoneflies tied by the author of the rap song above. I'm curious to see how it works out west...Oops, did I just give everyone a clue on how to figure out who our rapper is?!)

5.Close it and you're ready to mail it. These actually fit in regular letter envelopes.


  1. Whoa doggies! I can fish every fly in that box. And that's a pretty cool idea for a shipping box for flies. As far as the rapper goes, you're secrets safe with me. I gots no clue. thanks man I love the stone fly.

  2. wow, cassette tapes. I can almost remember them, if i stretch my mind waaaaay back. Renew, reuse, recycle, you should get this idea to Patagooche! they'll slap a label on them ans sell them for $250. Sadly, I remember fondly mt eight-track tapes. what have you got in store for them?

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  4. Whoops, wrong button. What I tried to say was great idea. I don't think I have any laying around anymore but you have given me an idea.

  5. I started my blog a year after you. You got me thinking about it and gave me some motivation. I posted a few pics last night. I'm gonna give myself a plug here. I'm new to this I will start to follow more bloggers.Will be ay Bills tonight twisting some patterns.Thanks.

  6. Great tips on everything! I got my T stickers on my truck as well

  7. Co- good to hear!

    Jen- thanks for stopping by. Been following your blog. Good stuff.

    Gary- thanks. I have heard you can use the actual tape for scud back and wingcases (seriously) but I never tried it.

  8. TN- your blog is coming along nicely.

    Troutnut-how the heck did you get to tie with Lefty?

    Dustin and FFJ- thanks

  9. Great idea in using the cassette tape cases and congrats on your first year and looking forward to the next.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Passinthru Outdoors Blog - Sharing the Passion

  10. Hey, Sorry I missed your blogger birthday! Congrats on the milestone! Keep fishin!