Friday, December 23, 2011

So, it's the holiday season

I have 4 days off work, well that is, unless my wife gives birth and then I'll be off 3 weeks. She's 3 cm dilated and 58% affaced (whatever the hell that means) so she'll most likely be going any day now. Between that and all the other things going on with work and holiday gatherings, I haven't had time to post much, although I have been able to fit in a few quick fishing trips.

Here's a quick recap of the past couple of weeks with as few words as possible.

Slaying trout last weekend on a new midge pattern I came up with called the Rubber Rat on the Little Lehigh with a couple guys from the EPFR forum

Still running in to trout late night on the stream behind my house

I got my winning package from The Fiberglass Manifesto. I look like a dumbass in a buff.

Is anyone else on Instagram? If you have an iPhone, you should jump on it! Take amazing photography, add a watered down version of Facebook, and a dash of Twitter mentions and hashtags, you have a pretty amazing app. Some great fishing photography. Here's a link to my profile. Feel free to link up with me. I've uploaded a few nice pics in the last week or so.

I'm lobbying to make Bell's Two Hearted Ale it's own food group

The best Youtube video of the year, hands down (I'M MAKING PANCAAAYKES!)

We lost another dictator. Boohoo.

That's about it. Happy Holidays to you and yours. Time to start drinking.


  1. that video made my morning...thanks dub.

  2. Mac Leathal! Sick rap... Now where did I put that pancake mix? I hear Kim Jong was a snag fisherman...

    Good to see someone hammering some fish! Hoping the rivers aren't too high I'd like to get out at least once.

  3. Good stuff...You have to come check out my bar @railroadstreet...You'll enjoy all the flavors, PROMISE! Check us out this Thursday, Ballast Point palooza!

  4. An early congrats and Merry Christmas.

  5. Merry Christmas and congrats on the upcoming addition!

    ...glad you were able to get out before all of the madness begins. Well done!

  6. @Jayflies - You're welcome. You will hate me by tomorrow because it will still be stuck in your head.

    @Matt - Love me some Ballast Point. Just had a Sculpin about two hours ago at Blue Dog.

    @Howard - Same to you. P.S. My son literally hid the box of flies I had for you. I just found them the other day while cleaning out the basement hidden behind a couch. I'll get them in the mail early next week. So sorry and I didnt forget!

    @Sanders - Thanks man. Looks like fishing time is done though. All the water is blown out and she's about to burst! :)

    Merry Christmas everyone.