Thursday, December 29, 2011

Some free time on my hands, so here's a blog update

Fatherhood is not an easy thing. The newborn is a piece of cake. He sleeps most of the day, takes a few poops, and wants the occasional bottle. The tough part is my 2 year old having a tough time adjusting to the new addition. I've survived about 18 temper tantrums today, the last one over an hour long. He's finally asleep, and I can finally crack a beer and do a good old blog update.

I saw a post on a forum today about micro buggers and I realized that I used to use them all the time, and then just kinda stopped for some reason. I whipped up a few tonight. These are size 14, and besides the head of the fly, the body is palmered ostrich herl. I like to fish these in the late spring and early summer because they just seem to work better. I feel that the winter time is tough fishing small streamers because if trout are gonna waste the energy to chase some food, the bigger the better. They usually ignore these once the air temp hits 40.

Hopefully I'll get some fishing time in this week. I might try to get the older boy out of the house tomorrow to burn some Christmas gift cards at Cabelas.

Speaking of Christmas, it all seems like a blur. It came and went with a vengeance. Little did we know that in 24 hours, we'd be parents again. We hit the in-laws on Christmas eve, then they came over in the morning after Michael ripped apart his presents. We then hit my dads, and then my moms. I did not sit down to relax until 9pm. What a day! Michael got super-spoiled this year but I think his favorite thing was his bike.

He also got about 5 Lego sets, some mega-blocks, Kinex building sets, stuffed animals, books, puzzles, DVDs, a Leapfrog laptop, clothes, Calliou/Muppets/Sesame Street/Yo Gabba/Thomas stuff, etc etc etc. The house was totally destroyed, but it was worth it.

And finally, here's an onslaught of artsy-fartsy baby pics, just because I'm a lame mushy dad.