Wednesday, January 11, 2012

It was a good day

I started out by going here:

And I left with this:

Then I went out to lunch with him:

and then for a nature walk.

I came home and tied up a bunch of these:

Also, there's only two days left in our Facebook fly giveaway contest. Looks like we have a three way tie so far! Share the link, post a pic, like some pics.


  1. Nature walk, aka scouting spring locations. :) Nice haul from the shop.

  2. That streamer looks way nice. Any pattern/tips for tying?

    1. Sure, i will include a recipe and some normal pics of it in an incoming post.

  3. Well, I'd call that a win of a day!

  4. Nice haul. Not sure about letting the boy see you near the water without at least doing a little fishing... Might want to set a better example next time! (: