Friday, January 27, 2012

Somerset Fly Fishing Show - Blogger meetup anyone?

So, the entire fly fishing interwebs are buzzing about the show this weekend. It's going to be a really fun time and you'll get the chance to see all the Tenkara worshipers beat up Lefty Kreh. So far I know that Shane the bug flinger will be there, and I think Mr. Troutrageous, and the Functioning Fishaholic will be in attendance, but are there any other fellow bloggers planning on making the trip? I was thinking we could all maybe set up a meeting point and grab a beer somewhere.

let me know if you're interested and we can come up with something. It would be great to put some faces to all the names.

I don't have much else right now. I'm feeling a little better, and tying a ton of flies for some swaps, which I'll post once completed. Also got a nice package of wet flies in the mail today from the PAFF soft hackle swap. Expect pics of those coming soon as well.

Besides that, enjoy these wicked Pigeons.


  1. I'm down to grab a beer.

    Sounds good!

  2. I was hoping to go but I will be moving into my new house. It's right near Giant on fifth st so I'm thinking it's pretty close to you. Have fun at the show.

  3. Your pigeons are freaking me out. Have fun at the show and bring back some good photos.

  4. ohh what beatuiful outfit these pegions have weared.
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