Sunday, July 22, 2012

Flows are up

After some much needed rain, I gave the local stream a few days to clear and headed out for two hours. It's been so dry that the stream didn't even get that muddy and with all the rain, water levels are higher, temps are cooler, and the fish are way more active.

I landed about 20 fish in two hours on hoppers and streamers. A mixed bag of smaller panfish and bass. It was so much fun that I'm heading out again today.


  1. Simply put, this is what fishing is all about.

  2. You are a bad influence. I was going to mow my yard but now I want to go check out the Perkie!

    1. This weekend perhaps? Hit me up. WIfe and kids are heading to the shore.

  3. It was much more active yesterday... overcast skies and cooler water makes fish happy.

  4. Nice when the fish are on the move....well done