Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Sacramento, Senkos, and HOLY SH*T

My car is in the shop, along with my 5/6 weight rod and fly boxes. Forgot to take them out. My 4 weight has a broken tip and will be heading back to TFO headquarters for a fix up.

I wanted to fish tonight and I didnt' want to string up an 8 weight or a switch rod, so out came the St. Croix Ultralight and some Senkos.

It amazes me how well Senkos work. There is something about these things that just drive bass nuts. I caught about five 10-12 inch smallmouth in 20 minutes, and this monster fat rock bass.

I've tried to mimic Senkos through fly patterns, and these bugskin wigglers have been doing great, although not quite as great as a real Yamamoto one.

In other news, I just booked my flight out to Sacramento for a wedding from 9/13 through 9/16. I've heard about a Salmon run in the Sacramento River. Luckily, the wedding reception is right on the river and yes, I'm not beyond swinging a spey rod in a tuxedo for a chance at a real anadromous salmon. Anyone have some suggestions? Looking for places to fish, patterns, and hell, even a fishing partner to show me around.

Before I go, I was browsing the Chive today and I came across this. HOLY SH*T.


  1. WOW that looks like a big one. Would be fun if it was in your area. Good luck at the wedding certainly there will be a tree to hide your pole behind.

  2. I know what you mean about Senkos. It really is amazing. I was a non-believer until last fall. Sometimes you have to hit me with a brick to make me take notice to something new! But now that I've witnessed what they can do, I always have a bag of them when I'm using a spinning rod.

  3. that is an AWESOME PIC of that carp!!!! in fact its WICKED AWESOME!!