Monday, March 11, 2013

Two of my favorite things....

There are two things I love about warm weather; dry fly fishing, and wearing flip flops. Saturday was in the low 60s and beautiful, but I couldn't get to the stream because of my nephew's birthday party. (which was a worthwhile excuse. Happy Birthday Bass!)

Sunday, was a little cooler, but still gorgeous. I knew the bugs would be out and after getting spousal permission, I donned my Reef sandals and headed to the stream for an hour (I think most of my posts mention asking the wife, don't they?)

I got on the boards quick with three fish on size 18 CDC comparaduns, BWO style. Nothing huge, but my feet were exposed to the breeze, and the fish were looking up. I couldn't complain.

Once the Baetis calmed down, I decided to test out a new shiner streamer pattern I've been messing with that has some huge eyes. I tied it for Pickerel, but wanted to get a sense for it's motion in a stream. A fat bow inhaled it on the swing during cast #6, but I wound up having to do surgery to get it out, and I didn't wanna stress the fish while fumbling for the camera. Here's a pic of the fly though.

Not a bad afternoon. Before I go, I received a few questions on where to get some DTT stickers. As a reminder, they are available in the Fly Shop section. I'm starting to run low and I probably won't be printing more so If you want some, jump on them soon.


  1. That shiner pattern is bad-ass, dude! Looks like it was a good day, all-around!

    1. Thanks. CCG represent! The thick between the eyes.

  2. Sounds like a killer day on the stream to me. That shiner looks tasty, if I where a fish.