Saturday, March 2, 2013

When in Altmar...

So, the trip to the Salmon River wasn't great for fish, but it was pretty damn fun. We spent 3 days hiking through 2-3 feet of snow, spey casting our asses off, drinking 8% IPAs, tying flies, fighting off colds, not sleeping, and doing a lot of laughing. We had a few hookups, and fights, but in the end, Bob landed the only fish of the weekend on a fly he tied using a new switch rod he just built. I was pretty damn happy for him. In the end, it's all about the memories you make getting up there. If you don't follow our crew on Instagram, here's a recap in photos. I also have some GoPro footage that I'll hopefully edit and post this week. Enjoy.

Resting with a beer in hand at Pineville

Bob, hiking in the water to avoid the waist-high snow

Boxes were filled, at least when we started...

Beer pyramid was forming

Impromptu tying session in the car on the way up

Probably my favorite picture of the weekend. Jack working below the Wires

Battle fishing at Altmar. This is where I came the closest to landing a fish. They were podded up, and so were the anglers.

No trip would be complete without a stop or two at Malinda's. Best fly shop ever. She even repaired Bob's rod for free.

Me, doing some boring indicator fishing in the lower fly stretch

The little man was excited to see me when I got back. He also got a souvenir.

Nick running a sink tip and streamer through Frazier

Sly Fox Odyssey, you are evil

You could say they got some snow..

John Ryan, swinging Ellis Cove


Little black stones were all over the place

Late night tying sesh

Success! Bob with the only fish landed.

Thanks to the Lutz family for the hospitality and putting up with our late night antics, bad gas, and beer cans. It was great to see you all again.

F*ckin' IPAs..


  1. This was a fun little post Mike. I love the photo with the stacked beer cans. That look speaks volumes.

  2. Like you said - "It's all about the memories!" - Glad you guys had a good time. Looks dang cold!!! Thanks for sharing.

    1. It was definitely cold. That's for sure!