Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Tying small flies

I got frustrated very fast the first time I sat down to try and tie some size 24 and 26 tricos. I've started to get the hang of it though. Thoughts on the proportions? Yes, that's a beer bottle cap they are resting on. That's how small they are.

Mustad dry fly hook
Uni-Thread Black 8/0
Microfibbets tail (light dun)
Beaver dubbing (thorax)
White GloBug yarn (wing on top fly)
White Flouro Fiber (wings on bottom fly)


  1. They look great! Nothing wrong with those at all

  2. just wait till you are at the stream trying to feed the tippet through the Nice ties, those should work awesome.

  3. I couldn't tie them on any more than I could tie them. They look nice though.

  4. Look awesome! I was using something very similar this past weekend on a pond of browns, and need to tie some more up!