Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Czech Nymphs...in High Definition

I finally got a chance to really mess around with the Hends Shellback tonight.

It's not very flexible, but still makes a sweet looking Czech Nymph. I did the last bug in the photos below with regular scud back from Hareline so you could see the difference in materials. I knocked out like 20 of these things in various color, thickness, and weight. I busted out the macro lens tonight so click on the images for super hi-res.

Size 12 Scud Hook
Various natural and synthetic Dubbing (Jan Siman, Hareline Ice Dub, Natural Hare Dubbing)
.25 lead underbody
Hends Shellback (various colors)
Cortland Fairplay 3X Tippet (I get this stuff at Walmart and I like tying with it because it's got a smokey grey color to it)
Black Prismacolor marker (color top front of shellback)

Also, I'd like to give a shoutout to Joshua Binkley. Joshua won our Facebook wall photo contest and I shipped him out a dozen flies. He dropped by the wall tonight to share a photo of a nice fish he caught one on of my midges. He said he went on to pull in about a dozen fish. Nice going and I'm glad the patterns are working for you!


  1. I'm RD. I like to Czech nymph. :) You really tie great flies...love the photos. And your "about me" is kind of funny...

    1. I know I still owe you some free Czechs from last year. I keep forgetting'

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks dude. Liked your post with the walts worm :)

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    1. Thanks Sanders. Nice fish on FB the other day!

  4. I do need to take lessons some time! These look great. Love the high res photos.

  5. Dude, I told you to come over some night! You're within driving distance. You honestly don't even need to bring anything if you don't want. I have extra vises and tools.

    1. Man I don't know what it would be like tying on a vice that I didn't have to steady with one hand (: