Thursday, February 9, 2012

Some flashy stonefly and nymph patterns

I started experimenting with some materials I haven't touched in ages tonight. I got mixed results, but here they are. Feedback welcome.

Someone asked me about stoneflies for the Salmon River yesterday. I realized I hadn't tied some in a while so I sat down tonight with some thick UV wing material I picked up at some fly shop in a clearance bin early last year. It's kind of a bitch to tie with because it's really thick, but it made a cool looking wing case on this stone. The pictures don't really do it justice. This material really flashes. I also came across some Partridge Klinkhammer hooks that I never touched. Even though they should be a dry fly hook, I liked the curve of them and tried them for this stone. I need to work on it some more. The back is too slim and the front is too fat. Maybe I'll post a more perfected one later.

Hook - Partridge of Redditch Flash Point Klinkhammer, size 12
8/0 Uni Thread - Black
Tail and Legs - Black goose biots
Body - Pearl Fly D&K UV Quill body, and UTC ultrawire in black
Thorax - Jan Siman peacock dubbing in black
Wingcase - UV wing material (sorry, forget the exact name and the bag wasn't labeled)

I also played around with some basic thread body nymphs. These are both on Dohiku size 14 wet barbless fly hooks, have Montana colored tungsten beads, CDL tail, and double ribbed. The ribbing on the green is Lagartun non-tarnishing french tinsel, and UTC copper. The tan is UV Quill body and Performance Flies .10mm colored copper wire in brown. Both dubbed with Jan Siman peacock in different colors.


  1. I think the flies are great looking. I especially like that wing case. I think I would have tried to color it. Have you tried that?

  2. Thanks Howard. No, I didn't try coloring it because the only reason I used it was because it has this crazy UV glow to it (again, pics dont do it justice. It looks like a giant plate of pearl flashabou). Coloring it would just make it look like a black wingcase. :)

    Maybe I'll try it for the hell of it. I don't really care if this fly gets ruined.

  3. Flashy is right. Those are some sweet looking flies. Truely works of art. That stone is great. I love the wing casing!

    1. Thanks Joel! Let me know if you ever have to head back to Allentown again on business. I'll be happy to show you some different water on the Little Lehigh!

  4. Sweet nymphs!
    May I ask what camera you use?
    Your pics are awesome!

    1. Thanks. Not sure of the exact model but it's a Canon digital, the highest end one that's not an SLR. I can check when I get home. I built a light box out of cardboard and white paper and I adjust the pics in photoshop.

  5. Really cool flies. The wing case on the stone looks great..I'll be interested to see how it does. Good stuff!