Monday, February 27, 2012

In all seriousness

As a parent, today's incident at Chardon High School scares the hell out of me. I remember watching the Columbine incident on TV many years ago and while it was upsetting, it really hit home today when I think that my kids could have been at that school. My heart goes out to the children who were murdered and injured and their families. The reality is, this could happen anywhere and at any time.

What I think upset me the most is when I found out that the alleged shooter made posts and posted pictures on Twitter referencing what he was about to do, at some point last night. No one did anything about it. If one person would have spoken up and reported it, this could have all been avoided.

I know myself and the majority of my readers are very active in the social networking community and I think we all share a responsibility to report things like this. All I'm saying is, if you see something like this that might rub you the wrong way, it can't hurt to report it, whether they are a high school student or an adult.

RIP to the student that has passed away and I wish the rest of them a speedy recovery.


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  1. I completely agree with you. Unfortunately, there was a school shooting here in Nebraska last year when a student shot and killed the HS principal and wounded the Asst Principal. That school was on the west side of Omaha in the more affluent section of town. So when you say it can happen anywhere, it can! Condolences to the affected families.