Saturday, April 21, 2012

No bugs but still fun

I spent the last week tying about 50 dry flies and figured I'd test them out today.

When I pulled up to the stream I saw a bunch of fishermen sitting around and talking. That's never a good sign. Yep, no hatches were going on.

Even though there was no surface activity, I was still able to fool a handful of trout on top by smacking down a furry foam beetle along the edges of a typical feeding lane.

I'm glad I got my fishing in today. Looks like we're gonna get a much needed few inches of rain in the next 36 hours. That will hopefully ensure the stockies behind my house at least have a chance. Right now, it's looking bad for them!


  1. Mike I know what you time to waste time. I had a similar day.

  2. Still nice to see the trout show up despite the lack of a hatch...good stuff!