Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Whip finish vs half hitch?

Open question, which do you prefer? I was a huge fan of whip finishing but I've recently started to appreciate the half hitch for avoiding trapped hackle on small dry flies. Which do you prefer and why?

Oh and shout out to Owl Jones for hosting an awesome terrestrial fly swap! Can't wait to use these.


  1. I'm a whipper, but you're right about the half hitch for small flies. I also use the half hitch to prevent thread slipping forward between tie in's, especially at the same tie in point, eg, wings, cheeks, eyes etc!

  2. I use both "knots" - tending to use a whip finish (actually 3-4, depending on the fly) more than the half-hitch. I cement them both, to ensure they stay put.

    I'm Jones-ing even more for those foamy flies now that I get a sneak peak :) I did the yellow jackets with the rubber legs. Let me know how they fish for you!

    I see some neat hoppers in there that I can't wait to try this summer, and those foamy beetles/ants are going to slay the panfish in a couple weeks when I can get back out!

    1. Nice ties! Not all of those were from the swap. Alot of those hoppers were already in my box.

  3. I usually whip finish, but find myself doing half hitches on smaller flies for the same reason.

  4. Whippin small flies with a Marc petijean whip tool is not so bad.... the springy - ness is so sensitive that it can be very precise. I haven't half- hitched since I bought it!

  5. I know... I know... it cost more than a half of a pushbutton pen... my previous tool. but I saw it for less than 20 at the fly fishing show. Couldn't resist. I sharpened the other end to a miniature chisel tip.. makes cutting the line more 'hackle friendly' . 2tools in one Haheeeee

  6. Half Hitch with a push button pen cant be beat if your tight on money. I use it for all of my fly sizes from 10's to 28's
    Check out my blog and tell me what you think !

  7. Whip finish...only because I've never used a half hitch.

  8. Whip finish... My half hitches don't seem to hitch properly.