Thursday, April 12, 2012

Springtime photo dump

I realized today that I've had no time to really update this blog, and unless you're on Instagram or occasionally seeing my Twitter posts, it seems like I haven't been up to much of anything.
So yeah, here's a quick springtime recap and a massive photo dump of fishing and family stuff.

I knocked out about 40 bugs for two separate terrestrial swaps. I can't wait to get my flies back.

I hit one of the most epic midge hatches I've ever seen at the Little Lehigh and had a ton of fun with wild brown trout and small dry flies.

We took Michael to the Camden Aquarium for his birthday. That place is so badass.

My stepdad and I hit a local secret spot for some great March largemouth action. He slammed a nice one.

Easter with the kids was pretty damn fun.

And last but not least, the ride got the massive fly fishing bumper sticker treatment last weekend.

Happy Friday!


  1. Camden Aquarium is definitely awesome. My daughter had a blast there.

  2. great looking bugs...looks like they will be greatly appreciated in the swap.

    ...epic midge hatch is right!

  3. How do I find you on instagram?

    1. There is a plugin on the right side of this blog that has a link to my pics and username.