Sunday, December 9, 2012

Few but big fish, and a personal best

While the wife and kids built gingerbread houses at my parents house, I wasted no time heading out to the stream. Weather report was calling for it to clear up, get sunny, and hit above 50 degrees. It wound up being stuck in the low 40s, cold and cloudy. The fish were lethargic to say the least. I got on the boards fast with the biggest brook trout I have ever caught. I did not measure, but I would have to say he was at least 18 inches. He destroyed a size 20 clown egg.
I then ran in to my buddy Bob who was testing out a really nice new rod he just finished building. He smacked a big slab of a rainbow.
We then hiked about a mile and a half of the stream, missing fish here and there, but bringing nothing else to hand. We decided to call it a day and Bob headed off. One my way back to the car, I ran into my buddy Bill and decided to make a few more casts with him as it was getting dark. Nothing happened so we downed a beer in the parking lot and headed off. 

Not a great day, but at least the fish were big. It could have been worse. I could have been rapping to a goat instead of fishing.

P.S. I cleaned up the blog roll. Sorry guys, but no posts for half a year means you got the boot. I also added a bunch of new FREQUENTLY UPDATED blogs that I find either very information, or hilarious (Yes, I'm talking to you Macloosh).


  1. that brookie looks wicked fat too, Congrats, sweet catch!

  2. Nice looking brookie! Give me a little notice if you have plans of rapping to the goat. I don't want to miss it!

  3. Damn made me blush. By the way, between blushes I am green with envy on your brookie. Nice catch!

  4. I like your blog just no the way frickin wordpress has their crap set up!