Monday, December 31, 2012

Isn't she pretty?

My newest addition to the arsenal. It's a new Ichthus 3/4 weight fully machine reel from Risen Fly. I paired it with a 7 foot 2 weight Onyx rod I just picked up, and a Wulff Triangular Tapered Floating line. And for an added touch of sexy, I put a small amount of hot orange backing.

I can't wait to test this baby out. Full review coming soon. You should check Risen Fly's site because everything is 30% off right now, AND THEY HAVE $10 FLY LINES, which I also got in a 4 weight and strung up on my Sage 1810 (line review coming as well!).

Yep, I'm looking forward to doing some fishing in the snow tomorrow. I even busted out the GoPro today for some sledding action with Michael.


  1. As with other aspects of your life, you've clearly out-kicked your coverage. Sweet outfit.

    1. Can't today (if that's what you mean)...may try to sneak in an hour or two on New Years.

  2. Pretty classy looking reel...I'll have to look closer. The video was a hoot. Good times! Happy New Year Mike!

  3. Nice rig - the sled ride looks fun too!

  4. I recently won a fly line from Risen Fly. It was a WF4 wt. floating line. Just like you am anxious to get it wet, although, that might be a little while for me yet. Looking forward to your review on the reel!

  5. I crushed the rainbows at Harman's in Wv over the weekend with my Ichthus reel. I am a bit partial to it though ;)