Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The belated day 5 giveaway contest - Random stuff!

Well, this is 5 days late. My apologies. Anyway, I had some random stuff lying around that I gathered up to make a nice little giveaway package.

First up, a Trout Unlimited baseball cap with a small fly patch on the brim courtesy of..well..me. I got this sent in the mail when I signed up for TU and it doesn't fit my giant head, so I'm going to give it away.

I also grabbed 4 of the meatiest streamers sitting at my tying bench to give away. Two are articulated and two are single hooked, but all four should do good work.

Finally, I threw in some random stickers that I had lying around. Two from The Fiberglass Manifesto, only because my car, tying bench, and fly boxes are already covered with them, a big TU sticker which I don't have real estate for on my car, and  Dinkerbrat sticker (only because I don't own a dog!)

Once and for all, here are the rules:

1.you will get one entry in the drawing for commenting here. For every FB share, tweet, or Instagram post about this, you'll get another entry. My Facebook account link is at the top of this page for easy access to sharing.. You can find me on twitter via @dubthethorax and Instagram via @mike_phazeone 

2.You can only comment once here so make sure you include where you shared this in your comment.  

3. The maximum amount of entries is four per comment. (Comment examples-"Hi this is John Fisherman, I shared on twitter via @jfish, shared your FB post, and tagged you in my instagram photo" - He just earned himself 4 entries)

4.You can only enter once. Don't be a jerk and make up fake twitter accounts. (I know who you are)

5.This contest will run until 12am EST. I will assign everyone entry numbers and use a random number generator to choose the winner tomorrow. 

6.if you're outside the continental US, shipping costs may apply. 


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  2. I'm just commenting and sharing because I like you! but if I win, I'll certainly take it. Shared on WK&TL.

  3. Just Commenting!! Only takes one chance lol. Love the blog. added to my blog roll

    1. 10, thanks! I will check out your blog :)

  4. Hey Mike,
    Shared on Facebook, Instagram, twitter and tumblr. Better late than never.

  5. Shared on Facebook. Thanks for the contests! Happy Holidays!

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    Don Cranfill
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