Sunday, December 1, 2013

3 year giveaway - Rules and prizes announced!

It's Sunday morning and I'm about to go fishing for the day, so I'll make this quick. We have 7 days of worth of giveaways, starting tomorrow 12/2. Here are the rules.

Rules: will get one entry in the drawing for commenting on each giveaway post. For every FB share, tweet, or Instagram post about it, you'll get another entry. My Facebook account link is at the top of this page for easy access to sharing.. You can find me on twitter via @dubthethorax and Instagram via @mike_phazeone 

2.You can only comment once here so make sure you include where you shared this in your comment.  

3. The maximum amount of entries is four per comment. (Comment examples-"Hi this is John Fisherman, I shared on twitter via @jfish, shared your FB post, and tagged you in my instagram photo" - He just earned himself 4 entries)

4.Those who share this post get an extra entry for tomorrow's giveaway. Comment away.

5.This contest will run until 12am EST. I will assign everyone entry numbers and use a random number generator to choose the winner tomorrow. 

6.if you're outside the continental US, shipping costs may apply. 

That's about it. Now for the good stuff! Here is a list of the giveaways.

Monday 12/2 - Ryan over at RisenFly has kindly donated the blue digital camo buff seemless  breathable headwear and one of his slim flyboxes. I'm kind of jealous. I really like this flybox. Stickers will be thrown in as well.

Tuesday 12/3 - Us outdoor types do like the color green for some reason. I have a green military reissue watch from Infantry Co.  It's got GID arms, stainless steel back, and the band is canvas on the outside, and comfy leather on the inside so it feels nice to wear. I have one of these as well and I've been testing it for the past few weeks. I dig it so far. It will also impress the ladies. (well...depending on the type of ladies you're after..) I'll also throw in some sticker swag.

Wednesday 12/4- I'm going to leave this one a mystery. It may or may not include flies, tying material, and a stack of various stickers. 

Thursday 12/5- The crew over at Strip'n Flywear are back again this year and are donating one of their newest designs, the Thingamabeer short sleeve Tee.
Friday 12/6 - Stonefly Press sent me a copy of "The 50 Best Tailwaters to Fish" to review. I'm about 75% through it and it's one of the most informative FF books I've come across. Look for a full review later this week. I hate to part with it, but since I appreciate all my readers, I'm going to let it go.

Saturday 12/7 - Eat My Fly Outfitters have graciously donated their New Era Flex Fit Cap and a Catch and Release LS Tee (Size Large).

Sunday 12/8 - Mystery Prize part 2 - I'm not telling...just yet.

Start sharing and drumming up entries. As I mentioned earlier, every entry I receive will mean .25 donated to for the Phillipines Typhoon support.


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  11. Just got turned on to the giveaway through The Fiberglass Manifesto, but look forward to checking out your site in the future.

    1. Welcome Devin. My blog isn't as good as Cam's but maybe someday....I am a glass junkie though! #35

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