Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 5 Giveaway - Strip'n Flywear Shirt (and Day 4 winner!)

First off, congrats to Garrett over at Fumbling The Fly for winning the Tailwaters book. Send me your address!

For today, the crew from Strip'n Flywear are back again this year with a free T-shirt. This one is the Streamer junkie, for all you guys who love to toss big chunks of chicken at monster browns. You can pick the size of your shirt. You should all head over and check out their designs. They aren't for the tweed wearing crew. I have the Obey Spey and the Beasties shirt and I love them. They are heavyweight Hanes cotton tees with minimal shrinkage so they will last a long time.

Rules: will get one entry in the drawing for commenting on each giveaway post. For every FB share, tweet, or Instagram post about it, you'll get another entry. My Facebook account link is at the top of this page for easy access to sharing.. You can find me on twitter via @dubthethorax and Instagram via @mike_phazeone. I originally didn't say anything about G+ but what the hell, tis' the season, right?

 2.You can only comment once here so make sure you include where you shared this in your comment.

 3. The maximum amount of entries is four per comment. (Comment examples-"Hi this is John Fisherman, I shared on twitter via @jfish, shared your FB post, and tagged you in my instagram photo" - He just earned himself 4 entries)

4.Please only post ONCE and list everywhere you shared this. If you have problems posting, please email me or post on the DTT facebook wall so I can count your post.

 5.This contest will run until 12am EST. I will assign everyone entry numbers and use a random number generator to choose the winner tomorrow.

 6.if you're outside the continental US, shipping costs may apply.

7.Bonus entries for today - Make a blog post on your blog about this and get an additional entry, which means you can max out at 5 entries.


  1. Shared on Facebook and G+. Can always use a new shirt!

  2. Morning Mike, I have shared on my personal Facebook page and also on my blog's Facebook page at

    In addition, I am doing a Blog Post this morning about my BlogBuddies Giveaways!

  3. I have shared your post on Facebook, and twitter @thrashintrout and I've also tagged the photo on Instagram @thrashintrout.

  4. Shared both the tee graphic AND the kid meme on Facebook and Instagram. Also shared the tee graphic on the Driftwood Outdoors page on Facebook. That's 5 shares, man! Getting the word out!
    Thanks for a sweet giveaway to you all!

  5. Got to this very late today.
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  6. posted up on FB, G+, Tight Lines,

  7. Hey Mike. Shared on G+ at +Gin Clear.


    1. 26,37,28. So close the other day!

    2. I was swayed by the crowd guessing lower. Lesson learned.

  8. Hi Mike, I shared via Instagram @kimae1 and my Facebook :)

  9. Hey Mike retweeted as @theflyriverturtle, google+ as Gabe Langley and FB via Gabriel Langley, now what is thy bidding my fly master

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