Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Day 3 Contest- Flies, Tying Material, and those Sticker things (And Day 2 winner announced!)

First off, congrats to Jordan Viveiros! You won the Infantry Co. watch from yesterday's drawing!
Thanks to everyone who's commented, shared, etc. Social media must be angry with me by now!

On to day 3. Today, we have an assortment of flies, materials, and stickers.

I sat down at the vise last night and whipped up half a dozen flies. There are 3 AZ Mini Hoppers, and 3 Beetle terrestrials, all made with my racing stripe foam. 

I've also include 15 (3 of each color) stacked Chernobyl bodies. These were handmade by me and helped me slaughter everything from trout to bass to bluefish this summer. Tie whatever you want with them, and be sure to send me some pics. I'd love to see what you come up with.

I've also included some sticker love from Uprising, Alaska Fly Shop, High on the Fly, Hardy, Risen Fly, and yours truly. 

As for the contest, let's do something a little different today. I have a giant glass fish sitting at my bar in the basement. Over the last year or so, my friends and I (well, who am I kidding..mostly me) have been feeding the fish with beer caps. For today's contest, the person who guesses the the closest number of bottle caps in the fish WITHOUT GOING OVER wins the package above.

Ground Rules:
1.This contest will end at exactly 12am EST. Any entries past that point will not count.
2.You get one guess just for commenting. Social media sharing is  also still in effect. For each social media share you have, you get an extra guess. You can get a total of 5 guesses. (Acceptable sharing includes Facebook, Instagram, G+, Twitter, and a post on your blog.) 
3.Make sure you tag me in your social media share. You can find the FB page on the link up top, twitter at @dubthethorax, and Instagram at @mike_phazeone. For your blog post, leave a link to your blog in your comment.
4.You may only comment once. Please include everywhere you shared, and your blog URL in the comment. Then include your guesses.
5.In the case of a tie, I have something up my sleeve.
6.Remember that if you go over the correct amount, you lose.

Good luck and let the games begin.  Now I'm going to have some pancakes and go fishing, although I wish it were these type of pancakes.


  1. Best guess 89
    Tight Lines!!

  2. Shared on Facebook and G+.
    64, 83, 104

  3. Shared on FB
    73 and 81

    If that is IHOP, I'm going to stop there the next time I go to the LL.

  4. My guess would be 125 also shared On Facebook that guess would be 130. Would love to get those stickers to Put all over the back end of my work van..

    1. Shared on FB and Twitter my guesses are 81 and 95

  5. Excited to win, COOL STUFF!!
    Shared on instagram @flyfishing4par
    Bottle caps = 63

  6. Sharing on Facebook Page (Mel Moore) and on Facebook Page for Pond Stalker Blog.

    My guess is 106 and 115

  7. Shared on Facebook and Instagram my three guesses are 111, 114,&127

  8. Shared on Facebook & Twitter.

    86, 93,77

  9. Shared on G+ and twitter (@garrett_p_smith). Love your posts.
    48, 80, 112

  10. Thanks, Mike and great giveaway today. Would love to get some of those flies and your sweet materials. Shared this on G+ (+Gin Clear), Instagram (@ginclear), Twitter (@deanwo) and Facebook (Gin Clear Blog page). My guesses are 119, 138. 160. 175 and 184

  11. Shared on FB, I'll guess 131 & 99

  12. Gave you a shout out on twitter, great give away. Best guess 157 and 132.

  13. Wrapping this one up early because I'm ready for bed. NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THIS POINT.

  14. Did you ever get around to sending out my stuff? Thanks. Don