Thursday, December 12, 2013

Back to the streamer box (and a new day 1 contest winner!)

Ed, the dude that won the day 1 one contest, I'm sorry man. You never got in touch and I can't find a valid email for you. I tried the various social networking sites with posts and you never came forward. That means Swamp Yankee is our new winner. Check out his blog, even if the name is a little um..interesting.

So yeah, send me your address man.

Moving on, I've been meaning to sit down and fill the streamer box this fall. Picked up some of these new fish masks to try out. I've loved fish skulls, but I find that throwing them on anything smaller than a 5/6 weight is scary. These give you the small, arguably nicer, look, without all the extra pounds. I could chuck one of these articulated beasts on easily on a 4/5 with an intermediate sink tip.

I only tied one articulated meaty monster so far, but I really like the way these things look.

Have you used them yet? any tips, tricks, suggestions?


  1. I admit I have been slow to credit those that are tying articulated Streamer patterns. I really like how they look, but, can't see myself tying them. Now, that is not saying I wouldn't love to fish them!

  2. I love the fish skulls! And would LOVE to try these tout too!