Monday, May 9, 2011

The best way to start off your week

Is by watching this video.

The Beastie Boys were just as much a part of my childhood as saturday morning cartoons, Count Chocula, and episodes of Alf. Licensed to Ill was 2nd album I ever owned. I bought it with allowance when I was 10 years old.

I'm also a huge fan of comedy movies. I can recite Anchorman word for word and if Will Ferrell was running for president, I'd totally vote for him.

What happens when you combine those two things?

(kinda sorta NSFW but not too bad)


  1. Haha! I just heard about this on NPR on the drive into work and was curious...Thanks for the viewing!

  2. WTF did I just watch hahaha. I couldn't believe all the stars in it, and my favorite actor steve buscemi .. It made my day to see will playing the cowbell again

  3. Isn't one of the Beastie Boys an insurance salesman now or something? I watched one of those "Where are they now?" things a while back, and thought it was hilarious where some former stars wound up, and what they wound up doing. They just turn back into semi-normal people when the spot light gets turned off.

    I used to have a BB greatest hits album - Brass Monkey!