Monday, May 30, 2011

Happy Memorial Day

Still at the beach....
Quick update

1.I've put away the fly rod. I did hook in to a flounder on a clouser but that's the only action I've had. Surf was too windy and I got sick of hitting myself in the back with heavy flies. Ouch.

2. I lost two stripers on clams. Both were shorts.

3.I've landed more sandsharks this weekend than I can count. I was bringing them in two on a rig with bloodworms.

4. Caught two kingfish. I felt bad, but I kept them. They are insanely good to eat. I think I owe it to myself because of all the trout I let go.

5. Ocean City Boardwalk- full of French fries, ice cream, cheap stores, bird poop, and yes, Jersey Shore Pauly D style blowout hairdos.

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  1. way to get after them. I didn't make it out on the salt this weekend but a report from my buddies on Saturday was 40 bluefish, 3 keeper linesiders and 35 sand sharks whole fluking. Unreal.