Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hit n' run

I jetted out of work and was doing 90 up the turnpike trying to make it to LL Bean by 6pm for the fly tying class I attend every Tuesday. I was driving with the windows down because I unfortunately forgot to take the worms that I used to take Michael fishing on Saturday out of the car. They graciously reminded me of their presence today when I opened my car door in 80 degree weather. It smelled to high hell. It's still stuck in my nostrils.

Anyway, riding with windows down made me keep thinking about how nice it was outside and how great of an evening it would be for fishing. I contemplated skipping class to fish, but I decided to go anyway. We were tying clousers and a cased caddis pattern tonight, both of which I'm fairly familiar with, but I didnt want to leave my stepdad hanging, since he attends class every week with me.

I knocked out my clouser in record time, way before the majority of the people even had their barbell eyes tied in. I waited a few more minutes, and then decided to say "SCREW IT, I'M GOING FISHING".

I packed up my stuff and hit the road. I was actually in the parking lot of the Little Lehigh in 8 minutes, but don't tell the Allentown state police that. By the time I got rigged up and to the hole I wanted to fish, it was approximately 7:15pm.

I saw another guy holding a fly rod as I was rigging up and he told me he had not seen a single rise, so I instantly went to a double nymph rig. I opted for the good ole' rubber legged CJ, trailed by a size 20 CDC midge emerger.

My second cast through the run and BAM! Smacked by this fat healthy wild rainbow. He put up a killer fight. He took the midge emerger.

I lost a few more and then I was connected again in about 5 minutes. This stocked bow which was pretty funky colored actually took both the rubber legged CJ and the emerger. Both flies where in his lips. Who knows what he took first, but it doesn't really matter.

I missed about 6 more fish until I finally hooked in to another one. I didnt even see this fish before he broke me off. I don't think he was too big. I think my tippet was knicked somewhere. He took the emerger with him but I saved the CJ. Out of emergers, I threw on an orange egg. This little dink of a bow took it.

It then started getting dark. I didn't have a flashlight (I should have taken my own advice)and I had just enough light to thread one more fly. I choose a black bugger with some blue flash.

Unfortunately, they weren't feeling it. About 15 casts and a few bug bites later, I packed it in, and stumbled my way back to the car through the bushes and over a foot bridge.

I came. I saw. I landed 3 fish in 35 minutes. Hit n' run.


  1. I love quick spur of the moment trips like this. Thanks, nice post.