Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some nights, you just hit it right

Currently posting this from a minivan on my way to a party in NYC so I apologize for any typos. But anyway, I got some time to hit a local bass lake just before dark on Thursday and I had a great night.

I've been having a tough time with bass this year. I've lost a few and haven't landed one so I was happy that I finally picked up a LMB on my second cast. He took a fish skull streamer with soft hackle partridge collar. Not big, but fat and healthy.

Then I started seeing some surface action so I switched to some big foam beetle with rubber legs. I couldn't believe it when the first crappie smashed it. I've never caught one on the surface before! I went on to land about 7-8 fish until it was too dark to see. Awesome night with big terrestrials.


  1. Well done. I have been catching more and more LMB's myself. I usually fish for smallies but I have been trying to branch out and hook up with some LMB's on the fly rod. For me, the top water has been the ticket. Hope to see you catch more. The season is still young!

  2. Going to have to start using the fly rod more. LMBs have been snubbing me like crazy on the usual lures.