Tuesday, January 4, 2011

DubTV - Episode 1 is live

So, this is basically a test of the camera. I first tied an entire pattern, but the file turned out to be 4.5gb, and it was over 2gb after compression. That's too big for Youtube. This one turned out to be just under 1gb and took an hour to upload.



  1. Good vid! Superb first episode. You tube does take forever to upload, even on super fast internet connections. I wonder if vimeo is any faster? -stephanie

  2. Mike thanks for the video. Great job. Can we make suggestions for What we'd like to see next?

  3. Thanks. :)

    I'm open to suggestions but if it's some crazy woven polish nymph, you're out of luck :)

  4. DTT...very impressive on the vise and with the video editing. And S&D, Vimeo isn't much faster (unless you have a pay account).