Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Psycho Prince

There. I'm officially the first person in history to photoshop a fly pattern into a frame from the movie Psycho.

My loving wife got me a subscription to Fly Fisherman magazine for no reason other than the fact that she's awesome. (Thanks babe) I forgot that she had ordered it for me so I was suprised when the issue was waiting for me when I got home yesterday. While flipping through it tonight, a pattern caught my eye. It was called the Psycho Prince Nymph. I really like how this one turned out and I'm gonna definitely chase chrome with it next weekend. I loved the mottled turkey carapace.

1x Nymph hook size 14
copper bead
uni-thread black 8/0
goose biots - amber (tail)
goose biots - white (front legs)
purple ice dubbing (body)
black ice dubbing (thorax)
UTC Ultra Wire -copper (ribbing)
mottled turkey feather (carapace)
chartreuse glow bug yard (wing sprouts)
Side view (I left these photos really large so you can click through for hi-res)

Top view

Also, I realized tonight that I really need to start tying in a more organized/cleaner fashion. Here's my desk right now. I have not straightened it up since Sunday. It looks like a fly shop threw up on it.


  1. the psycho prince is a great pattern, especially when the water is a little off-colored. i use it when im guiding boxwood gulch all the time, one of my go-to patterns there. the only difference on mine (and most of the ones i see in colorado fly shops) is the little wing case/sprout on the back. i use fome strands of chartreuse angel hair, cut off bluntly. as with many patterns, u can do so many different colors with it.

  2. "some" strands, not fome strands :)