Saturday, January 1, 2011

You know you fish too much when..(first of 2011 edition)

You know you fish to much when you're tying size 22 midges as the ball is dropping. Did anyone else watch Dick Clark? I feel bad for the guy. It's kinda depressing. Also, watching him make out with his wife was somewhat disturbing.

Anyway, yes I was tying flies as the ball dropped. My wife and son were exhausted and asleep, and I'm getting ready for an AM trip with my step dad in the morning. I've heard people say that the fish have been taking tiny (22 or smaller) black midges over the past two weeks in all of the creeks around the Allentown area so that's what I focused on. First, I knocked out a few midges with black goose biots. I've never seen these before, but I'm sure someone else as tried them.

Mustad shrimp/caddis hook, size 22
8/0 Uni-Thread, iron grey
black dubbing
one black goose biot

I'm going to try this fly, but I don't know how much I like it. I then started digging through my material and found some medium black rubber legs. I tried those for the body, both with a black dubbed thorax and a pink ice dubbed thorax. I must say that I really like the looks of these.

Just to give you an idea of how small these things are...

Well, that's about it. Once again, happy new year. I'm getting together my 8x tippet for tomorrow morning and heading to bed.


  1. Outstanding idea and use of material! What an awesome post to start 2010! very nice!


  2. Nice way to start the New Year off Mike. I know you weren't being sarcastic, but for someone like me who works with people with disabilities, it's a joy to see someone carry on despite the disability. And for Dick Clark...get a room!

  3. Good looking bugs! so I hear,.. you can slam a bit of white ostrich on the collar of that black biot and have your way with trout in the winter.

  4. @Owl, thanks! I've been reading your OMG blog and enjoying it. Welcome to the site.

    @Co, I actually did feel bad for him. It didn't seem like he wanted to be there and that the network had a gun next to his head behind the scenes. If it's what he wanted to do, then good for him. But watching him make out with his lady was creepy.

    @Bigerrfish, thanks.

    Unfortunately, the bugs didnt work today, and goddamnit, I tried for 4 hours.

  5. I watched Dick Clark. Honestly, Jenny McCarthy pretty much dry humping the short hispanic Marine slightly more disturbing.

    That and Ke$ha saying when asked what she wants to do in 2011 "try not to be a douchebag." Stay classy Ke$ha.

    Oh, nice bugs.

  6. HAHAHA I heard her say that. I dont even know who the hell she is.