Friday, January 21, 2011

Find me tomorrow, get a free beer

I'll be in Somerset NJ for the expo most of the day tomorrow. There is a picture of me posted on this blog. If you recognize me, walk up and yell "DUB THE THORAX", I will buy you a beer, no questions asked.

Also, thanks for the feedback for the next episode of Dub TV. It looks like I'll be doing a video of the tungsten stone and some midges. I've also noticed a high amount of traffic based on google search for the psycho prince nymph, so I'm gonna make a video of that as well.

Also, since I'm happy with the way things are going, and everyone commenting/providing awesome feedback, I've made it official and purchased If you're a lazy typist, feel free to omit the ".blogspot" going forward and it will get you here to look at my crappy flies.

See you at the show,


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