Thursday, January 27, 2011

I love elusive snow trout, midges, and typing "not skunked"

I got a small window of opportunity to hit the water late this afternoon. I was the only person there, and hiking knee high in snow was NOT fun.

I was amazed when I finally made it to the water that dozens of fish were AGGRESSIVELY feeding on midges on the surface and in the film, right in one small little run. Unfortunately I didn't have many midges on me. I tied on a tiny size 18 BWO, and trailed it with an Al’s rat. After about a dozen casts I connected with a 13 inch rainbow on the rat. That fish being caught spooked the whole stretch so I moved upstream. I saw two more fish rising. I switched to a WD40 and got a tight roll cast right where it needed to be. I immediately connect with a brown no shorter than 22 inches, and he proceeds to break me off by hitting some fast water. I was using 8x and wasn't expecting any big fish so my drag wasn’t set. DAMN! I then had another hookup on a smaller fish but lost him. Not a bad day on the water and I avoided the skunk.

Now, I learned my lesson and I'm knocking out lots of tiny dry midges. I feel a new post coming on....

By the way, if you're not familiar with Al's rat, here's a youtube video of Al Miller tying it.

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