Sunday, March 13, 2011

Father and son tying session

So, my wife went to the gym this morning and I had some quality time with the little guy. I wanted to have his first fly tied before his 2nd birthday, which is in two weeks so we decided to give it a go. The only things I did with this fly were putting on the bead that he chose, and whip finishing. He picked out the materials, held the saddle feather in one handle and with my help, actually wrapped it on the hook with the bobbin. The cotton chenille was all him. I was extremely proud of him. He started clapping after he finished it. I asked him what it was called and he said "green cow games mommy".

So, here it is..the Green Cow Games Mommy streamer.

But daddy also got some time in on the vise this weekend. I'm too lazy right now to post up any detailed shots/recipes, but I knocked out some orange and blue copper johns, more euro-style tungsten nymphs, a new baetis nymph to replace a pheasant tail (which I'm really digging so far), and the early stone pattern I read about on "This River is Wild". I did switch that stone up a bit though. After reading Charlie Craven's article in this month's Fly Fisherman on CDC for nymphs, I swapped out the starling for black palmered CDC (which is a pain in the butt to wrap properly!) If anyone wants detailed shots of these, or recipes, let me know and I'll post them.

Oh, and by the way, I tried to fish today. I hit the Little Lehigh and didn't even last an hour. The water was dark green, about 3 feet higher than usual, and had some RIPPING current. I had a few chases on a slumpbuster, but that's about it. Unfortunately, it was a skunked weekend.


  1. Times like this makes me wish I had a kid! You are an amazing father and I tip my hat to you!

  2. i ran across your blog from EPFR website. i talked to you a bit last year on the forum under Stealth. I love your blog! I am just getting into fly fishing and hoping to hit the east branch with my fly rod starting april 2! are there any patterns you would recommend as being common that time of year or should i just throw spinners like everyone else and leave the fly rod at home? keep posting!!

  3. @Dustin - Thanks man! That means a lot to me:)

    @Todd - hey, welcome to the site! I totally remember you from the forum. The east branch is actually the place I helped stock in the post previous to this one. It's right behind my house and know it like the back of my hand.

    First off, I wouldnt suggest going out opening day if you're gonna fly fish. There will be way too many people dunking worms, smearing powerbait, and drinking crappy beer while wading in the middle of the stream. If you do go opening day, I would go later in the evening, maybe from 5-7pm. It wont be as bad. Sunday mornings are usually bad after opening day until about 10am, then all the guys head home or go to church. After that, you'll actually have some water you can fly fish in instead of slow frog water.

    For patterns...They are stockies so you'll pretty much be able to take them on anything. Your best bet would be small eggs (size 20) in all colors, pink san juan worms (especially if it is rainy), and wolly buggers sizes 6-12. I like to throw black and olive ones there. They usually produce. Strip them fast through deep runs or around structure.

    If you want to "match the hatch", little black stoneflies are hatching right now, although not sure if that will still be going by opening day. If you see rises, or movement close to the surface, any black dry fly or swinging wet fly in darker colors (dark brown or black) should work for you. If the surface is dead, try small black beadhead stonefly nymphs fished very slow with one tiny splitshot. (add more shot if current is fast and high, you should feel it tick bottom every 5 seconds or so). You could also try copper johns or prince nymphs. both are productive there (although you'll probably hook a ton of rock bass on princes..they love those things)

    The most dependable hatch on there would actually be caddis. Elk or Deer hair caddis in sizes 16-20 would work just fine for you if you see them rising. Caddis pupa often catch fish there as well. I have a post about my caddis pupa patterns on here. just search for caddis. it was from a week or two ago.

    There's also a very sparse BWO hatch which isnt too dependable but when it happens, they are on to them. Dry BWOs in size 18 will work. The last time I hit the olive hatch there, I didnt have any on me :(

    And of course there's always midges. Zebra midges in 18-24 should work as well.

    It's a fun little stream to hit up. The fish aren't picky and I know there were some fish dumped in there that will rival some of the biggest browns in the Salmon River :)

    If you really want to hit the stream and have a lot of fun, wait until the April 16th, right on through the end of May. They are stocking again on the 8th, and then again on the 15th. By the 16th, all the spinning guys are long gone, the smallies and LMB are waking up, and you can just chuck terrestrials and never know what's going to hit it. Hit me up if you wanna meet up and fish it sometime.

  4. Thanks for such an in depth reply! I was going to start off tying BWOs, prince head nymphs and wooly buggers, but I will try to tie some of the other ones you mentioned before April as well. I hope they turn out half as good as your flies.

    Im going to need some time learning how to match the hatch and Ill probably hit up the east branch every weekend until trout season so I can find some new spots and get an idea what the stream is doing. I know opening day is hectic so I was hesitant on learning to fly fish that day.

    I will definitely take you up on your offer when it gets warmer out and I have a touch more fly experience (I dont want you showing me up too bad).

    I am probably going to reread your reply ten times before April. Thanks again!

  5. no prob. Honestly, I wish I had someone who could show me everything that took me over a year to learn on my own with that stream. It was a lot of trial and error. Hit me up anytime and I'll walk you through the spots from branch road down through Sellersville.