Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Pattern - The Skullpin

I took the framework of a slumpbuster, added tiger-barred zonker, and a FishSkull head. This one will imitate a big sculpin and take some chunky browns, I'm sure of it.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to paint and install chair rail in our dining room all day. Urgh.


  1. Very nice fly Mike. I've tied a few, but have never used them. Any tips?

  2. Sure. First off, make sure you really weight the underbody. Using a ton of zonker when you palmer means it will be resistant to float, even if you use a tungsten cone. I think the fish take them for a sculpin or even a crayfish, so you want them to be low in the water column.

    Keep the tail a little long. When they hit the water, it almost had a flipper effect similar to a paddle tail plastic worm.

    When fishing them, cast across and a little upstream and aim for the opposite bank. I usually let them drop before I start to move them. Sometimes you'll get a strike on the drop.

    I'll jig it slightly under about 12 o'clock, and then I just start stripping it in slowly while letting it swing a little. If I don't get strikes or follows I'll try to vary the stripping speed, or sometimes even let it dead drift with an occasional twitch. That's usually effective towards the end of the drift.

  3. I meant "resistant to sink".. hehe

  4. That thing should catch some hog trout...or if not should make a nice cat toy. And BTW, how dare household chores get in the way of piscatorial pursuits?

  5. I really need to get more heads. I only got a dozen of them and used them quick. I really like this pattern! Thanks for sharing